Traces of Spring...

As you'll hear, I took this little video over a week ago...and the weather hasn't changed much since then. It's not warm, of course...but neither is it anything like recent Januarys have been. Last year, we'd already had a LOT of snow before Christmas, and while that was gone and didn't wasn't as mild as has been so far in 2012.
I'm used to having the wonderful, heavy fragrance of these white hyacinths greet me when I come downstairs in the morning, of course...but it's still a shock to find the carpet of snowdrops under the laburnum in the churchyard this early...and these have been in full bloom since late December!

I found these wild primroses on a grassy bank on my walk with Alice today...

and this beautiful sunny face...never usually before February! But here it is...

We met some friends for a gorgeous frosty walk on Sunday...

I don't know if you can just make out the hot air balloon, hanging up there in the blue over the trees? I couldn't go up in one myself, but the view must have been truly glorious!
As we crossed from one field to another, we had to pass the little village church...the bellringers were just getting ready for the 'proper' peal...but I managed to catch a little of the warm-up session for you...

On mornings like this one, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but here!
The Farmer's Market is tomorrow...I'm hoping that the weather will hold and there'll be plenty of customers. The forecast says it will be wet and windy - so cross your fingers for me?!

Have a wonderful week xoxo


  1. I think this has certainly been the winter without a winter. After all the summers without a summer it's about time!

  2. Those glorious bells! and the field and trees and sound of the pheasant. such riches

  3. I am here, crossing my fingers for you! I hope the weather continues to be mild and the rain holds off till the afternoon, once you're gone. I can't believe how spring-like it is where you live. We are covered in snow here. I am dreaming of Spring and your photos & videos make me smile. Have a wonderful day, sweetie and a successful market day tomorrow! xoxo

  4. The bells pealing are glorious!!! Here in America our church bells have a different tone--yours are magnificent!
    It is mild here in Va also--on our walk this morning my husband and I saw some daffodils getting ready to bloom. There is ice and bits of snow around--but still very mild.
    Good luck at the market.
    Martha Ellen

  5. The last few days, I felt more like winter was back late: it was freezing a few times. I will taste real winter weather when I am back in Quebec. I do miss it: snow, cold and so on.

  6. What a lovely post. It seems as though you've changed weather with us--it's been colder here and for a long time. Loved the videos, the panorama ending in darling Alice--so beautiful. And ohh the church bells--my three favorite sounds are the rain, laughter of children, and church bells, tho not in any order. How nice to have heard yours today.

  7. Such lovely flowers and how unusual for the time of year. You'll be seeing frangipanis soon! Xxxx

  8. Ahhh, sweet Rachel, I am right there with you and I swear, I can even smell the hyacinths.

    Sending love to you,


  9. Our weather here has been very mild this winter, too, with only a very slight trace of snow a couple of weeks ago. Today's high temperature was about 10 degrees above average, and the low temperatures are about 10 degrees warmer than average.
    We have a wedding coming up in six weeks - one of our daughters - and she wants white hyacinths, as well as grape hyacinths, in her bouquet.
    Hoping the Farmer's Market has been a good one for you!

  10. oh....somehow I missed this lovely post and hearing your voice and the church bells and little Alice looking up at you as you spoke to is gorgeous; it truly lucky we are to live in places we truly love, aren't we?

    Yes, we are....

  11. wow! what a difference in our weather, Rachel. I thought we had the same weather. it's so pretty there! I love the flat fields :) you can't beat the country :)
    so nice to hear your voice. I'll have to do a video on my blog too, neat idea :)



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