The view from my window in January...

Happy New Year! I know that 2012 is almost a week old already....but it took me a while to decide on a new blogging project for the year to come. Last year, of course, was my garden. And while I'll still be showing you plenty there, I thought that it would be interesting to share another aspect of home life and how it changes through the months and seasons. Finally I settled on the view from our window...because it's a view that I love, looking right out into the churchyard...and I know that you'll love it too!

I'll try and take the pictures at the same time of day every month, provide the best contrast. And so you will see what I see at 8am,....

looking East...which at this time of year means sunrise...

still plenty of green, but bare and skeletal trees. The limes that form the 'avenue' along the church wall were heavily pollarded at the end of November & so resemble gnarly totem poles right now...but I know that before long the new growth will be softening their stark outline and the birds will be nesting in the boxes that are on the side of this particular tree...
Ok - so that's January! And from the first picture you can see that this morning is bright, clear & sunny...and so mild too. Paul has just inspected & treated the bees for varroa mite with the help of a friend from the local beekeepers association. I'm pleased to report that they are happy & healthy and working hard in their cosy's quite a responsibilty to have all these thousands of living creatures to see safely through the year, and I'm so glad that all is well.
There's no doubt that, despite the brightness of today, this first month of the year can be a difficult one to get through in many ways. It's so long, for a start. And with all the excitement, colour & glitz of Christmas over, the New Year's resolutions made (& broken...) and the working days back to normal...Spring and all it brings can seem a very long way off. I'm taking advantage of the good weather and taking long walks every morning with Alice to get our dose of Vitamin D, and to lift the spirits and start to shift the couple of pounds I can feel have crept on over the festivities!
Early last week, I was so thrilled to get to the brow of the hill to find a gorgeous rainbow decorating the view...

and it looks as though it ended right over our town! Well, that's what I like to think January, you just have to think positively!

I hope that the New Year brings you everything you wish for...I am so looking forward to sharing it all with you! xo


  1. Dear Rachel,
    What a lovely idea, to show us that lovely view throughout the year! Hope you have a wonderful year. I didn't know you were a beekeeper too! I took a photo of a bee on the apple tree behind my inlaws' house and now I understand the expression "You're the bee's knees"! (And you ARE, you know!)

  2. Oh Rachel I love to read your posts ...but can I make a comment..I have a real hard time reading with the blue background...or maybe it's the color of the type. Please don't be mad at me...☺Have a blessed day!

  3. Happy New Year to you also! I love the photo from your kitchen window! What a great idea! Only in my case I'd like to do it late afternoon to show how much more light we've gained! I'm thrilled that we've added about 15 minutes since December 21st!

    Your walk and rainbow photos are stunning! Just what I imagine your country to look like on a January morning!

  4. What a wonderful view, brings back so many memories. Here's hoping that 2012 is a good one for all of us. xxxxx

  5. Thank you for sharing your lovely view with us all, Rachel!! How charming it all is!!! Just saw that you will be able to go visit Esther shortly and I am so very happy for you!!! I wish you a wonderful 2012 and look forward to your posts this year!! Give Alice a pat on the head from me!! Love and hugs, Sherry xxxx

  6. So beautiful! Isn't sunrise the perfect incentive to "get going!?" There are very few real churchyards here, far outside of New England, but I love their testimony to the past, their serenity and beauty. Thank u so much for sharing your world!

  7. What a lovely idea, I look forward to more!
    Lots of love to you dear friend!

  8. How lovely to have such a fine place to walk Alice and exercise those muscles. Knowing that view is at the top of the hill is all the incentive I would need to make the climb. Really a nice way to spend time with your furry one. I'm looking forward to seeing the transformation of your garden in the next few months. I was looking at some pictures of our yard last summer and it's hard to believe now that it looked so lush and green.

  9. Oh, I love the view as you knew we would---how wonderful; right now, I'm not that delighted with our view, but I know it is temporary. I know how difficult January can be, but this year I feel quite different. I'm feeling introspective and challenging myself to get things done within the home and within myself that don't get accomplished during the warmer months. I also feel that something is in the works; I can feel it and I must be prepared when it does, so I'm even going to begin to work on some projects for NEXT Christmas because this year I truly learned that I cannot begin projects in November and have them ready for Christmas giving.....
    Your view is YOU are!!

  10. love that, it's a wonderful idea. I hope you get a bit of snow to kick off with :O) where is our snow this winter? Were we not told it could arrive as early as October? Hmmf. Not a flake. And I AM sulking about it!!

    Have a lovely start to the week, enjoy your gorgeous views


  11. What a pretty view. I love that church. That will be a fun project.

    Happy Procrastinator's New Year!

  12. Your vistas are so lovely and amazing. It's as if at every corner in England there's a giant expanse of green as far as you can see. Where are all the people!

  13. What a great idea to blog about the view from your window! I always enjoy the view from upstairs looking out into the churchyard! It will be interesting to see how it changes as the seasons pass. Looking forward to it, Rachel!! xoxo

  14. Hi Rachel Happy new year to you! I just love your blog and I totally agree with you, you have to be positive this time of year January is a state of mind!xx

  15. Rachel, i love your view idea :) Can't wait to see more

    and your so right. we must stay positive :) it's the only way to go.

    Love the green !

    Have a beautiful day!



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