G'day from Down Under!

Well, I'm finally here in Australia after all sorts of delays. In all, the journey took 30 hours and I didn't feel great by the end of it...but seeing Esther & my youngest Aussie nephew at the Sunshine Coast Airport made up for it all! The children didn't know that I was coming...so picking the older two up from school on Friday afternoon was a joyful- if loud - experience! It's amazing how quickly all the family routines become familiar. Bedtimes, shower times, breakfasts...all fall quickly into place and it's as if I've never been away- which is just how I love to feel. Esther & I just seem to pick up the conversation as though we only s each other yesterday instead of 6 months ago, and nothing about it feels strange...except for the fact that Paul & Alice aren't here and it's hot & sunny in February!
The jet lag took a couple of days, but I'm writing this on a bright and sun-filled Monday...the air outside is full of strange insect sounds and unfamiliar birdsong. Technicolor parrots swoop overhead and bright, opalescent butterflies are commonplace. The sunshine is unrelenting and a fierce hard yellow rather than the soft gold tones I'm used to at home...
Everything is extraordinary...and yet familiar too. I'm so lucky to be here & I'm trying to make the most of every minute!
Esther & I are going to the movies together this afternoon...if you know me, or read this blog regularly, you'll know that I'll be in heaven!
I'm taking lots of pictures to post on my return...my phone doesn't have roaming, and it's all too complicated on an unfamiliar computer. But I'm having a fabulous time, and sending love to you for the week ahead!xo


  1. Oh Have a lovely lovely time!! xxxx

  2. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! That's how I feel when I get to visit my sister in Germany! Have a wonderful time!! Hugs, Silke

  3. Glad you're enjoying time in your home away from home. I wonder if the sun is so bright because of the hole in the ozone layer directly above OZ. Hope you girls have lots of fun, popcorn and candy at the movies. ♥

  4. Oh Rachel how exciting; I'm so sorry your journey was met with delays and that you were feeling a bit poorly by the time you got there, but you sound chipper and wonderful now, so give a big hug to Esther from this faraway friend she has never met and enjoy yourself from head to toe!!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Joann in Colorado

  5. I'm so happy for you, your contentment and joy just flow from this post!


  6. Darling girl(s)-- hope every moment is extraordinary. It will be, because you're will who you love! Even now, it's still Sunday night here. I'm just ready to tuck in, but saw on Twitter you'd posted. Hope the movie was perfect! Don't get a sunburn--and hope the storm isn't a problem. xooxoxoxoxoxoox

  7. so happy you are having a fabulous time! Enjoy every moment. Snow still hanging around here!!!!


  8. Hello! Rachel....first time comment, BUT,have looked in on you for a while now.I'm dealing with Cancer just now, so have been around the blogs more,and more, as limited in doing most things. I've just come online to 'mail' Friends in Australia, and there you were.
    You write from the heart, and always a pleasure to read.


  9. Oh, how lovely it is to read about all the sights and sounds you are experiencing while on vacation. I can sense your joy through your words. I just know you had a great time at the movies with Esther! Enjoy it all, sweetie! Love and hugs!! xoxo

  10. You describe what it's like to be there so well I can feel it! It reminds me of my trips to Sicily. But, oh how exciting to surprise the children! I wish I could have seen that :-) Have a wonderful, wonderful time dearest Rachel. Bask in the sun and the love and enjoy every minute! xoxoxo

  11. Have a pleasant time there. It it always nice to see the family after a long time, especially when there are children around.

  12. Hi honey, just checking in, don't want to miss anything! Have a wonderful time!


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