Sultry Summer Days...

It feels so strange to be writing that title in February...but the are no other words for the weather here, so there it is! As I write, it's 9.20am...I've just dropped the children off at school, the youngest to daycare...and it's already 33c. The rhythm of the days is different here, as in all hot countries I suppose. The children all know the routines...sunscreen is liberally applied before each outing and hats worn too. I know this from previous visits...the sun here is unrelenting. We have some (a few!) hot days in England...but nothing, ever, is like day after day of burning heat. Burning here is a serious thing...not the pink, slight soreness of an hour too long in the warm gold of a British summer...too long here means hospital! You don't mess with the Aussie sunshine - especially when you have pale winter dried limbs like me! So I'm slapping on the factor 50 along with everyone else and hoping for a golden glow at the end of my visit to prove that I've been away!
Yesterday we drove up to my favorite hill town of Maleny. The road there is twisty as you climb into the green bounty of the farmland...there are shouts from the back seats " look left!!" " look right!" as the gorgeous views of verdant valleys and rolling hills emerge...we saw the mountains too - Glasshouse Mountain is close...and there was the most beautiful blue haze over the highest points. Maleny is renowned for it's dairy farms...fewer now, as everywhere...but still plenty of cows and goats to be seen, shaded under trees. My oldest nephew discovered a special walk through the rainforest...a river running alongside the boardwalk through the green trees that hummed with birds and insects. Maleny is also known for it's population of duckbilled platypus'...and we so hoped to see one. But not this time! We contented ourselves with playing Poohsticks from the bridge and spotting creatures & fungus in the shady gloom. A beautiful start to the day. Then it was a walk into town...the temperatures a blessed few degrees cooler in the altitude...lunch and then the treat of a wonderful ice cream cone to be eaten as fast as possible before the journey home! Esther & I chose pink grapefruit sorbet...absolutely refreshing & totally delicious.
We got home in the late afternoon...everything still and lazy in the heat. The blinds were pulled against the sun, the ceiling fans were switched on and the children watched a movie dressed in as little as possible! Bliss.
I spoke to Paul this morning...all is well at home and Alice is fine. It's cold, though...and he has a bad chest. I wish he was here in the sunshine. I'm just going to put on that sunscreen before taking a walk down to the local supermarket. The route takes me along a path by the beach. The small white yachts will be out, the yellow buoys that mark the shark nets will be bobbing a few hundred metres offshore and I'll have to keep my sandals on to protect my feet from the burning white of the sand. All I will see and hear is the tumbling blue of the bath water warm Pacific Ocean. I feel so very far from home...and yet I AM home at the same time. Enjoying every last minute of my final week-&-a-bit.
Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my last post..It's wondrful having you with me on my travels! Sending much love for the new week ahead xoxo


  1. Sounds lovely but I know that the sun is a very serious thing in Australia. You MUST wear sunscreen AND a hat!

  2. Sounds glorious Rachel, Hope you are taking lots of pictures to share with us at some point. I imagine the beaches to be so beautiful with white sand and very blue water. South Pacific Style. Hugs, xoxoxo

  3. Gosh to me 33c is basically a bra size and a weird one at that but it sounds as tho you're in hell but it's nice. I can't imagine heat like you're describing. It sounds beautiful tho in terms of the visual but wow the heat. How cold is it there in the winter? Is it super humid? I have cousins in FL and always joked that a person could live in FL, die and go to hell and see no difference. Glad you're enjoying the together time with Esther and the kids.

  4. Strange to think of a February day as Summery. As I am reading this post and typing this comment I am listening to Danielle de Niese singing Mozart. I thought it was appropriate: she is Australian.

  5. Sounds like a lovely time! Poor Paul!

  6. Oh Rachel it sounds like you are enjoying your family time with the girls..but that heat sounds scary and awful...uggg... Please be sure and wear the sunscreen and a hat...we don't want you in the hospital...


  7. Just sopping up the warmth down to the bottom of your soul? Sounds so restorative! Very cold here, but finally some sunshine, which is wonderful. Can't imagine walking by the sea every time I go to the store. How lovely... xoxo so glad you're there!

  8. Hello sweetie,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about what you, Esther and the children have been up to. Everything sounds perfect! I cannot wait to see photos of beautiful Australia. Enjoy your final week. I know that you will be savoring every single moment. Paul and Alice must be missing you very much. We are too! Sending love, hugs and SPF 50! xoxo

  9. It sounds so wonderful!!!! I know this time together is moving along so quickly....sad to think of Paul with a cold back there shivering in England while you walk in sandals.....

    Maybe he's putting it on a bit to get your sympathies because he's missing you so much....I'm just teasing. I'm sure that your healthy meals and tender love kept him healthy and now he's walking Alice in the cold and probably hasn't 'buttoned up his overcoat.'

    Men....they can't live without us!!! (or with us at times)

    Such paint a wonderful picture of the landscape with your words, but I'm also anxious for the photographs. Have fun darling!!!! Enjoy every single drop of sisterhood fun!!

  10. You saw Robin Hood 12 times! They would say "One for Robin Hood" when you would go to the ticket window? Oh, you made me laugh!!!

  11. I'm way behind on reading your blog!:-( How wonderful that you are having such a good time in Australia! It is a rather upside-down world weather-wise, isn't it? Sending wishes for good days ahead!


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