The view from my window in February...

These pictures were taken yesterday morning...after the first snow of the season...
it wasn't too fact, by the time I took these at around 8am it was already starting to thaw...

Paul & Alice went up into the hills, where it was very thick still, with the drifts that our little dog loves so much!

The church clock is still not mended, so the hands stand permanently at 12 o' shouldn't be too long now, I hope. The snow is almost all gone here fact, it's raining this afternoon. But it was beautiful while it lasted. My favourite time was late on Saturday night. I looked out of the front window at about 11pm...

Magic! I believe that however old you are, you never lose that little thrill at the sight of fresh snowfall...even if the novelty is lost shortly afterwards, when real life has to go on!
But still....for a little while....there's nothing like it...

It's hard to believe that by the end of the week I'll be basking in the heat of Australia....!

Hope that you had a great weekend xx


  1. what lovely photos. Totally agree, doesn't matter what the age, the sight of crisp, fresh snow is a treat.

    fancy swapping all this for a dose of sunshine! ;o)

  2. Rachel,
    First of all, thank you so much for your loving words on my recent blog post. They mean a lot to me.
    These photos are so wonderful...the cemetery in the snow, how beautiful!
    And I am so happy for you, heading to Australia to be with the sister you love so dearly.
    I wanted to tell you, the doggy pajamas that you liked so much are from an English company! The link is under the photo.
    Sending lots of love to you and Paul and sweet Alice,

  3. I missed the snow in England, but there is plenty of snow here. It was falling down thick when I left Chicoutimi this morning.

  4. Love looking at the snow :)
    Jacqui G

  5. What a pleasure to be in your snow. I really loved the snow movie. It did snow here a few years ago--I drove down a street and saw snow--couldn't believe it--thought it was from a machine for a party but no, it was real and covered ok sprinkled a 1 block area, very tiny snow cloud. Before that I was in NYC for the storm of the century, not even this century tho. But today I was in your snowstorm. Pure magic! Have a wonderful time in OZ. ♥

  6. I so loved that you came to visit my blog today!! It was wonderful hearing from you. You don't know how I envy you the view from your window - and in the snow it looks just amazing!! Some day I hope we can take Winslow somewhere where he can play in the snow - I think he'd love it! Have a great time on your trip!! Hugs, Silke

  7. Ahh...what a beautiful view, once again! I think it's always lovely, no matter what the season! It's always interesting to take a peek into the churchyard. My favourite photo is the one taken at night. It IS magic, isn't it?! Happy, safe travels, sweetheart! xoxo

  8. . . . oh! yet
    Stands the Church clock at ten to three? (or twelve)
    And is there... chocolate brownies... still for tea?

    ~ Rupert Chawner Brooke

    Enjoy Oz, Rachel.


  9. How you get it fairly infrequently? When it first comes down, it's so quiet, so blanketed, so peaceful. Your little video captures just that....the tranquility of a night of snow....

    Hope you're enjoying SUNSHINE and warmth right now though!!!


  10. Your view is truly beautiful; I ever wanted to live by a cemetery.


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