Butterflies & Blossoms

First I should tell you that these are not my photographs...I did take some beautiful ones, but sadly the big computer that I put them on is still very sick...so I've had to borrow some other images. When I get the dratted machine up & running again, I'll replace them with my own!

Today has been the most beautiful...in fact, I'd guess that it's the warmest this year so far. I spent the night in London, but I could see the bright sunshine in our tiny courtyard the minute I opened my eyes. I had an hour's train ride home - I'd intended to read my book, but was totally distracted by the gorgeous novelty of the sun-drenched countryside speeding past the windows!

Alice and I went straight to the garden when I got in...I threw open the french windows and let the Spring into the kitchen.

On Thursdays, I speak to Esther in Australia...we catch up with all the news from the past week, and chat about life in general....it can last several hours! Today I managed  to spend the whole conversation in the garden, which was bliss!

While we were speaking, I noticed Alice looking very intently at something on the deck....when I stooped to see what it was, I saw this beautiful creature.....
I've never seen one in the garden before. It's a Chalk Hill Blue butterfly. They are quite an endangered species, although are slowly building their numbers up again...

Isn't he beautiful? He was in no hurry  to move and just seemed to be enjoying basking in the sun's warmth. I did have to move him to a higher bush after a while, when Alice got a little too interested....! But he stayed around for quite a few hours. Gorgeous creature!

Although it's only an hour away, London is much further along springwise. All theSpring flowers are now out & swaying gently in the Royal parks...but the prevalent flower is the the foamy,milkshake pink of cherry blossom. Like a thousand blowsy bridesmaids, the trees bow down with their wonderful decorations...

However cold, wet & grey it gets  there's no going back now! Spring is here & Summer not far away...

I hope the beauty is all around you now, too!


  1. Wow... that must have been quite an experience :) It's so beautiful!

  2. Rachel....so beautiful..love the milkshake pink trees..lovely and that blue butterfly...

    the story about that poor mommy dog and her puppies... what is wrong with people..i had a blog friend tell me she has a friend who just adopted a 10 week old puppy...and she fears the puppy has been abused...makes me sick to my stomach....

    i love animals SO MUCH !!! they are my life !

    i would love for you to see the video of little teddy that valerie, the breeder sent me...
    i would love to have your email address so i could forward it to you and you can show alice...

    i'll wait to hear from you...
    my email is : myfarmhousekitchen@yahoo.com

    sending love and hugs to you and Alice...

  3. Absolutely beautiful Rachel, you are so lucky seeing the butterfly, I have only ever seen a chalk hill blue once! Would love to see another.
    I am so thrilled that it is spring and that the trees are beginning to show their wonderful blossoms
    Happy springtime dear friend
    Love Morwenna xoxo

  4. Hello,
    I came here from Kary's blog, My Farmhouse Kitchen, she sent me and I'm so happy she did, I've put your picture of the Chalk Hill Butterfly, which is beautiful, in my folder, so I can put it on a piece of pottery, so thank you!
    Your dog too is so wonderful.

  5. Dearest Rachel,
    Thank you for the lovely picture of the butterfly, really heartwarming that they are coming back up in numbers. Also thank you for evoking memories of England with your train ride. You truly are food for the soul.
    With love always

  6. I can so identify - this time of the year is so beautiful!! Here, too! The garden is exploding and the mosquitoes haven't arrived yet, so it's perfect to be outside... That butterfly is just gorgeous!! And those trees... Much love, Silke

  7. What a gorgeous butterfly, never seen such a lovely shade of blue on one.

    We are half way to Spring. It is officially Spring but most of the flowers don't know it yet.

  8. Beautiful pics. Here it now looks like November, after a quasi heatwave.

  9. I think of butterflies as flowers that have taken wing. They're truly one of the miracles of life. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing some springtime with us!

  10. Rachel dear-oh gulp, I think we are cut from the same cloth. Your words truly felt like I was saying them. I have a hard time sitting down too. I have great benches in my garden, but do I use them???

    This is Sue's "Birth Week," but I think she should stretch it out to birth month. Must write her today and we are trying to get together.

    The azure butterflies always make my heart sing. One of my books has a front cover that lists things I love, azures are one of those very special things.

    Sending love and thanks,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  11. Hi my sweet friends, Rachel and Alice

    we have to believe that we will see them again someday..it is the only way we can make it through...i know Buddy is there...waiting...

    i just love and miss him so much...i have cried everyday for 45 days !

    i am looking forward to getting my sweet little Teddy....bittersweet..missing Buddy so badly..wanting Teddy so badly...

    have a wonderful weekend...

    sending love to you both..


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