Winding down...slowly

October already! I can hardly believe it, but the weather has been soft & warm throughout this early part of Autumn so it's hardly surprising I suppose....

Alice is still able to enjoy the warm sunshine most afternoons! But the signs are all there...

I love the way that hydrangeas beautiful. And on our morning walks, the hedgerows and trees are full of Autumn fruits and berries...


Blackberries, of prolific and sweet this year...

and these are wild juniper berries, native to the chalky hills we walk I can smell gin when I brush past! All gorgeous natural wonders in their small way.
We took a wonderful weekend trip to Ludlow in Shropshire recently...a town so full of beauty and history it's almost too much!
These are now almshouses, but were formerly part of an ancient college...

Traces of the past were preserved everywhere...some almost hidden..

and some impossible to miss...

We found the perfect type of antique shop...lots of corners and tiny rooms to poke about and find treasures in (& we did!)

And lots of walking in the September sunshine, soaking up the beauty...

Ludlow has a castle too..originally built to protect this part of England from the nearby marauders of Wales ( ultimately, it failed!)

I found a stunning house, that was being restored and so was covered in ugly scaffolding....but here is the plaque on the gate...

as the fourth series of Downton Abbey has just started here, I thought it was appropriate that the Knights of Downton had lived here once!

Isn't this a fabulous idea?

I'm trying to work out where we can put one, now!

The trip was a surprise one for beloved knows I have always wanted to go there. Another way in which I am so lucky. I am counting my blessings at the moment, and I am finding so are a few more...

I have nurtured this poinsettia since last Christmas, and it is paying off...

the harvest moon was amazing...

I have a new addiction to the sourdough crumpets that are made by Peter at his wonderful independent bakery, Price's,in Ludlow....

luckily, it is too far away to be able to eat them very often!
And lastly, of course...

one of the greatest blessings of all! How could I leave her out?

I hope that you are finding plenty of wonderful things too, this October...


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  1. Oh, I love it!!! So lovely for Paul to whisk you away to a place you longed to go.... so blessed am I that it happened for me too recently, as you know. When important people in our lives just seem to 'know us' it is a resounding energy in our souls.....a 'meant to be' feeling that leaves us feeling so treasured and so rooted in that relationship. I'm so very happy for you!!
    R and I saw the blackberries everywhere and so wanted to snatch a few but didn't. Heaven knows who might come out from around the bush to scoff at us! So, we gazed admirably at them....and went on! But, I smiled at my computer screen when I saw you post about them.... I thought to myself, "I know of which she writes."
    Alice looks relaxes and happy once again, so happy that she is feeling better. I know your special food and loving care made her so.
    Yes, Fall is upon us here as well. We had a FREEZING night with warnings that warranted the bringing in over everything that could be lifted and the covering of everything that could not. This week, temps are much milder, so they'll do fine but I'll have to let Nature take hold next time....and move into more indoor projects.
    The crumpets look amazing...I know I can't eat them, but I'm devouring them in my heart....the little spaces filled with melted butter and some jam that I love. You're right; it's a good thing he's a distance away...but I'm sure you could create some even more delectable!
    Enjoy the Fall my friend....let's both move graciously together with the season and think warm and delicious thoughts of holidays to come!
    Love you and Miss you,

  2. Love the garden bell- I want one and I don't even have a garden! But I do have a big back yard and that's good enough for me. :)

  3. Lots of wonderful blessings to be seen in the beautiful Autumn season! Lovely pictures of your flowers! And the garden bell! So, so sweet....only in darling England would one find a garden bell! Ludlow looks like a quaint little town...would LOVE antique shopping ANYWHERE in England but that little shop sounds like such fun! And Alice....dearly love seeing pics of Alice! Thank you for this fun blog today! xo...Karen

  4. Ahh! I so enjoyed seeing and reading about your blessings! The photos of Ludlow are lovely! It looks like such a romantic town for you and your beloved to explore!
    The garden bell is my favourite! You must find a special place for your own! Give Alice a cuddle from me. She's so adorable! Happy October, sweetie! xoxo

  5. Oh what a wonderful time you must have had! Love the 'garden bell'..everyone should have one!

    I am truly enjoying our October...lots of fun things to see and do!

    Alice is so cute!


  6. Ludlow looks like a wonderful place to visit and enjoy in autumn. Your photos of the roses are lovely! I can almost smell their fragrance! Enjoy this special time of year and give Alice a hug. ♥

  7. We seem to love not only the same bloggers (Julie Whitmore, Susan Branch, etc) but Ludlow as well! One of my most favorite places. The architecture is stunning and the markets wonderful. Not to mention the glorious countryside....Your blog is lovely and I plan to visit again.

  8. You sound so cheerful and it's no wonder ;-)
    Love you!

  9. Great to see you blogging again. I love your take on the autumnal season. And lovely pictures as usual.

  10. Oh I think Autumn is just as lovely in England as in NEW England! I'm glad you are enjoying the season.


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