A Change of Scenery...

Last weekend we went away! We rented a beautiful, tiny house in the middle of woods and fields, packed a few essentials...plenty of food, plenty of wine...a few clothes...and, of course Alice.
Paul hadn't had a day off since the end of January...we are so lucky that he has been able to work throughout the pandemic, but it is exhausting and he so needed a break - even a short one helps...
Our view was of Kimbolton Castle, way over the fields...now a school, it has ancient bones and is where Catherine of Aragon (first wife of Henry VIII - divorced!) died  - of cancer, probably. You can take tours of the castle at certain times of the year. Beautiful to look at in the distance...
Alice chilled out - wherever we are (and her bed is) she is happy! Plenty of walks too...
On our final afternoon, we had a tremendous thunderstorm...this is the Castle just before it hit. Dark sky overhead and that strange, clear sunlight that often shines while thunder rumbles ominously...

Alice is a little deaf these days so thunder doesn't bother her as it used to...and she, like me, loves the fresh scent of the earth and wet grass after a rainstorm has passed...

The village of Kimbolton is beautiful and historic - this was one of the gorgeous houses in the churchyard. Kimbolton was also the site of a huge USAAF in WW2 - in fact our house was accessed via some of the old tracks laid back then when the 'Yanks' moved in! The airfield itself has now been repurposed as a couple of industrial areas, but there is a memorial to the men who did so much in helping us vanquish the Nazis. It was especially poignant to be there last weekend, on the 75th anniversary of VJ Day - which was the true ending of that terrible period in history. If you visit my Instagram page you'll see the video I took when a huge convoy of beautifully restored USAAF vehicles passed us in the village on the morning of the anniversary! It was a complete - and wonderful - surprise and we felt so privileged to be there to see them. We owe such a huge debt to those brave boys - and their generation. Not many left now...but we'll never forget xx
 We also picked over 5lbs of wonderful sloes from the Cambridgeshire hedgerows...and they have now been turned into sloe gin for Christmas!

A wonderful reminder of a special weekend!
As promised, I have collected some lovely things for a giveaway this week - full details in my Instagram chat which will be recorded in a few hours. But it's what I call a 'Covid-19 Comfort Parcel'...some items guaranteed to soothe and calm in these troubled times.
To enter, just leave me a comment here or on IG - I'll draw the name on Monday morning (very unscientific, names in my favourite mug!) 
Have a great week - wherever you are, get some rest and do something nice for yourself. 


  1. It was lovely to view you photos from your getaway. The weather seemed alot more pleasant than our hot summer here in Georgia (Atlanta)! Stay Safe!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Sometimes getting away for a little break can be a real energy boost. Looks like Alice had a good time!

  3. Enjoyed your photos, especially the view of the castle and it’s history. Thank you.

  4. I thought they were blueberries. Lovely atmospheric place you went to.


  6. Hi Rachel, this is the first time I have had the time to visit your newly revised blog. Thanks for re-starting it. I used to follow it previously and am so pleased you have begun again. Will definitely look at your older posts again. In the meantime I am planning to make that wonderful looking zucchini and ricotta cheesecake in your post from a couple of weeks ago. Just the thing for the weekend. Shame the weather isn’t so good at the moment though. Take care. Anne Hamilton xx

  7. Hello Rachel. I am writing to you from France. I am so glad you started sharing your adventures with us again. I love England and I went visiting your beautiful country a lot in the past. I can't wait to go back. Let's hope for the best !.

  8. What a lovely get-away! I am so happy that you were able to do it. I am very envious about the sloes. I always wanted to be able to pick them and make sloe gin - and also damsons would be lovely.
    The VJ parade was wonderfully sentimental. That generation saved the world. <3
    From your Instagram post - I am also in my fifties and I, too, am sad at how quickly time passes these days, although the Covid part of 2020 with its attendant miseries could be over and I wouldn't mind about that.
    I have to tell you a funny- I dropped a carrot the other day and Rick said it was too bad we didn't have an Alice to come get it. ;)

  9. Hello, I am just thrilled you are blogging again. I like the photo of Alice smelling the rain. :-) Carla

  10. Hi Rachel, I just realised what I forgot from my earlier comment. You’ve got the skies to make Christmas slow gin. My husband and I love making sloe gin, aloe vodka and raspberry vodka. Last year I made Christmas Pudding vodka using the Hairy Bikers recipe. It was absolutely amazing. I left the fruit to flavour the vodka for a bit longer than recommended and didn’t drink it immediately. Very well worth making. Will be assembling a batch soon for enjoying at Christmas. Just thoughtbI would mention it x

  11. It's lovely to see you blogging again. I missed you. I will have to refollow as I have changed my blog. Five pounds of sloes is going to make a goodly amount of gin. Cranberries are good too, and for vodka. How I miss having a little drink. I enjoy your posts on Instagram but wish I had a way of listening to your recordings. Never mind, it would be nice, but it is what it is, as they say. Deb xo


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