A day to celebrate...

Today is my parent's 49th wedding anniversary. I saw them both yesterday and they have decided to have a quiet day...after all, next year will be a big Golden celebration! Mum told me that the day they married was not only very cold, dull & windy....but that there were no daffodils out yet. Well, as you can see....almost half a century later things are very different! In fact, our daffodils are now almost over for the year...
our garden was an absolutely joyous place to be this morning...I knew that you'd like to share it with me....I wish that I could have shared the birdsong, the warmth and the softness of the air too...

the churchyard, of course, was also at it's most beautiful...

I could barely bring myself to go back to the kitchen....although in the end I had to. But I stayed out just a little longer...

drinking in the beauty...

And as I looked into the faces of these beautiful tulips (Paul & I planted them in the churchyard ourselves!) I thought of my parents, marrying in that chilly East Anglian church all those years ago...twenty years younger than I am now...so in love and full of hope and joy for the future and all their plans and dreams. How wonderful to think that, for them, the dreams have come true...and the new, exciting love they felt then has mellowed and deepened so much over time that we can't now think of one without the other. Happy Anniversary to them and Happy Thursday to you! I hope your day is worth celebrating too.... xoxo


  1. Good morning dear Rachel,

    I just opened my computer to start work on my book and lo and behold, there was your new posting.

    Firstly, congratulations to your wonderful parents. My one regret about our visit is that we didn't make it to their farm. It would've been wonderful and I think that we have lots in common.

    Sue and I had a girl's lunch at a restaurant overlooking the ocean yesterday. We sat outside in the warm sunshine and just gabbed non-stop. Got to see the new Willard booklet and it is GREAT and fun. I think it will be a big hit.

    It is hard for me to believe that they'll be leaving for her Mom's house and then the Vineyard, but we will be with both of them at our friend's ranch on Sunday. We're going to do a big picnic under the grape pergola and have our fingers crossed for more sunshine.

    Now I must get busy and try to accomplish something. I'll bet you're baking and working up a storm.

    Sending a big hug and love,


  2. Happy Anniversary to your mom & dad! Cheers for the next 49!

  3. Oh my goodness--Happy 49th Anniversary to your Mum and Dad!!! How glorious! It is becoming more and more rare for couples to stay together through a lifetime and this IS to be recognized as a symbol of strength, commitment, and love.....Will you do something extraordinary for their 50th? What do you think of this 'fake royal couple' prancing about England pretending to be Kate and William? The gardens are so green Rachel!!! I'm in love with them!!

  4. Happy anniversary to your parents. quite an achievement.
    Love the grave yard pictures they really do show the changing seasons.

  5. Happy Anniversary to your parents!

    And what a beautiful place you live in ♥

  6. Oh Rachel, what a GORGEOUS post!! The pictures are glorious, just as the day appears to be! A perfect day for a quiet celebration. Your garden looks beautiful and I can't believe the daffodils are almost done blooming. Still no flowers here yet. But there are new buds on the trees and bushes everywhere. Spring is springing! Have a wonderful night sweetie! xoxo

  7. Congratulations for your parents! And lovely pictures! I didn't want to stay inside today.

  8. Ahh that's so sweet it makes me sigh and sigh. What a blessing to have so much love growing up and to witness such a happy marriage. Your garden looks quite magical now. That flowery tree is enchanting. Every post of yours I read makes me want to visit you and your area, so lovely.

  9. Happy Anniversary wishes to your parents, Rachel! We will celebrate 42 years this August.

    The garden is lovely, and I could imagine hearing the birds. Our daffodils have been gone since before St. Patrick's Day, but the tulips are looking very good! In our area, dogwoods and redbuds are blooming, and the Dogwood Arts Festival is underway for all the month of April. Special events are scheduled all during the month.

    Enjoy your lovely days!

  10. Congratulations to Mum and Dad, I am in awe of them for spending their lives together, I think marriage for that many years is a lot of luck in picking the partner that is going to be compatible for all that time, and a great sense of commitment and of course love. Beautiful pictures xxxxxxx

  11. My sincerest congratualtions to your parents on their 49th wedding anniversary!! They have been blessed with so much love and good health and I wish them many more years together!! Your weather is so gorgeous and I love the blooms!! Sooo beautiful!! Sending hugs, Sherry xx

  12. Congratulations to your Mom and Dad..49 years, that is amazing and wonderful!! Love your pictures and could see why you wanted to stay outside this morning!!!

    xoxo Gert

  13. a lovely post. Happy anniversary to your parents!

    hasn't it been glorious? the husband is miffed, his lawnmower is having it's yearly check up and blade sharpening, and our lawn is looking dishevelled. He's itching to get out there and cut it, I like it how it is. Looks so pretty with the daisies and dandelions.

    hope you are having a wonderful weekend, thanks for your tweet, it's so nice to be online again!

  14. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing the ones you love happy in marriage.
    Especially when its your very own parents!


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