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I hope you'll forgive me for yet more churchyard photos...I just can't keep away in this amazingly unseasonal weather. It's more like Summer than Spring...it was about 79f /26c today...and has been sunny and warm for days. My daily walk to The Coffee Tree (you can see what I deliver there at my food blog, Baking Brownies for Mozart ) is so gorgeous that I have to share it with you!

One of my favourite ancient streets is at the back of our County Museum here...Pebble Lane (although it's more a cobbled one)
the tree hanging over the high wall is a beautiful old pear...no one picks the fruit in Autumn and they drop to the cobbles below for the pigeons, mice ....and sometimes me! to enjoy...just under the tree is a black iron water pump that no longer works but used to supply this area with fresh water long ago...I love to imagine the women gathering there with buckets to fill, catching up on the gossip in the sunshine...

the other side of the lane is mainly taken up with the building that was for many years a school. It was turned into offices and now stands empty & somewhat neglected...a sad ending that I keep hoping will transform into something wonderful. It's a large place though, and after years of lack of care it will need a lot of money to bring it back. There are still echoes of it's past life if you stop to look...

these deep grooves in the brick are everywhere down the lane. Do you know what they are? I didn't for a long time, and always wondered until I spoke to a neighbour who knows about these things. They are the marks left by the Victorian & Edwardian schoolchildren who sharpened their slate pencils by rubbing them against the wall. Isn't that wonderful? It gives me a little thrill as I pass...real history, right there as we bustle past going about our busy modern lives.
So it's on to the coffee shop and then back the same way, until I reach the church gate...
and know that I'm nearly home for my morning break with Alice and a cup of good coffee before our walk....but first a stop to admire and sniff the lilacs...

will I ever have enough of this short journey, these lilacs, these serene gravestones? Somehow, I doubt it...
With love this Wednesday xoxo


  1. What a wonderful walk, thanks Ray, I feel knackered now! I remember the cobbled lane filled with blue Christmas lights that our boy just raced around the corner to see... such happy memories love always xxxxxxxx

  2. Beautiful post Rachel! How glorious to be enjoying such warm weather in April! Felt like I went on the walk to the Coffee Tree with you. The scenery is just beautiful! I love the old buildings, the marks left by schoolchildren on the walls, and the delicious smelling lilacs! Thank you for sharing your walk with us today. xo

  3. Oh, how I love your posts of your lovely town! How lucky! You have lilacs now!! They always bloomed mid May back in NY when I was growing up. At the same time the lilies of the valley bloomed...ah, spring...And doesn't knowing the history behind a place, make it so much richer when you are there!! Thank you for making my day, dear Rachel! Hugs, Sherry xx

  4. Oh, this is so lovely Rachel....what a difference indeed!! I have several lilac bushes in my yard; they actually don't bloom every year, depending on the dryness and temperatures. Hopefully they will this year as they are wonderful and they fill the backyard with delight!! I love the story of the wall.....I love stories like that and thinking about the school children with their little pencils standing there.....how intriguing!!
    Thank you for sharing.....take photos here anytime and share with us!!


  5. Thank you for sharing that lovely walk to the Coffee Tree. Enjoy seeing the sights where you walk. The Lilac is breathtakingly beautiful. Haven't seen any around here. Love the color and the scent must be intoxicating. Think I would love England.

  6. oh, simply beautiful.

    No, I don't mind you talking about the graveyard at all. It might sound like a really odd statement, but I've always loved graveyards, particularly old ones. Those lilacs are just glorious! You really do have the most fabulous walk.

    And the wall with the marks! aha! When I was in junior school, the wall of the playground had similar marks (Victorian building), and I often ran my fingers along them wondering how they'd been made. Now I know!

    Enjoy the weather. I am wilting in it now. I'm trying to make the most of it, but it's hard. I crave rain the way some people crave chocolate. I need a splash of rain soon!

    have a lovely Thursday xx

  7. How I would love to go for a walk through your beautiful neighborhood... wow!
    And that story about the school children leaving grooves on the brick from sharpening their pencils is so interesting!!

  8. What a wonderful post! Love your photos & only wish I could walk with you sometime along your route... smile... But though I know it will never happen.. you have opened a door so I can walk vitually with you!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful post!!!

    xoxo Gert

  9. And to think I walked around that enchanted area...you so belong right where you are. I loved this and felt so close to you.




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