Here Comes the April Garden

I always think that this beautiful cherry tree at the bottom of the garden looks like a bride! Only foamy & beautiful for a short time, but so glorious while it lasts. And the perfect illustration of my April garden...where things are really bursting into life at a pace now.
the blueberry bushes are sprouting pale green leaves and flower buds...I have a few plants to ensure cross-pollination and therefore plenty of berries!
One of the young peony bushes...planted a couple of years ago and yet to flower...but I've found that a secret to successful gardening is patience!
To the left of the path, my old stone ' butler's sink' is starting to fill with marjoram again...and other herbs are in the raised bed behind. There's still room for plenty of plants, so I'm weeding religiously to keep the spaces clear.
And to the right of the path, my vegetable bed stands tilled, fed, and ready for the new season's soon as the threat of frost is over later in the month!

I've decided to line the path with thyme as well as lavender this year, for added colour &'s one of my favourite herbs and there are so many varieties!

Hostas are one of our very favourite plants...and we are known for our pots full of their huge and beautiful leaves! Pots help to keep the slugs under control I find (a terrible problem in town gardens!)

The rose bushes are well under way...

Charlie helped me to check them this morning!

And just as I was about to head inside for a cup of coffee, I spotted this cute little visitor on a lavender bush!

Happiest of April's to you...I can't wait for things to really progress in the garden... now, what was I saying about patience??



  1. Oh its really looking lovely! I've spent a bit more time in the garden this last week- its so lovely to see the changes, which are happening literally every day. Spring is a wonderful time for gardeners. Happy April to you too. xxx

  2. I think your garden is lovely and magical, just the sort I would want if I had one. Peonies are my fave flowers. Can't wait to see more pics as it rises to the season. ♥

  3. You have the perfect garden... everything I'd like to plant! Can't wait to see it in full bloom :) ♥

  4. How lovely Rachel!! I will get outside and get some more recent pictures of my garden, but you shall see how very far behind we are from your green lushness that is beginning to emerge there. Our 'date' is really May 15 before it is safe to plant outside and even though many of my bulbs are sprouting, they may get a frozen night or two or three before now and then. I LOVE all of the herbs and that you used your old sink in the garden--very clever and I just love it!!

  5. What a lovely garden, I agree, that tree does look like a bride!

  6. Oh how I know about a person's just got to love it don't they?? Your garden is doing so well...amazing how much faster yours are growing then ours here in Iowa (USA). Love your 'bride'

    I can hardly wait...but yes..I know "patience"..

    xoxo Gert

  7. hi rachel alice and the bride does look like a bride...

    loved seeing your garden...and i LOVED seeing charlie...what a sweetie...and alice too....those faces...they are so darling

    my sweet teddy has been helping me every morning and late afternoon...i think this year is going to be one of my prettiest gardens i have ever had...( having a crew of workers come in and re-do it didn't hurt either...i needed HELP !) but we are all enjoying it so much...

    sending warm April Sunshine

    kary ane teddy

  8. How I envy your real seasons, it means putting up with more cold weather, but it's worth it to see the wonderful plants pusing through. Have a little patience! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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