NOT an April Fool!

Happy April! How wonderful to be able to say that...because it means that at last Spring is really here! Today is soft & warm...a chilly wind, but I don't mind that in the least! I've been busy planting & weeding & forking the of my April garden will be posted shortly!
But today, as it's April Fool's Day, I thought I'd make you smile!

I spent this morning in Oxford - or more accurately in Headington, on the outskirts. Paul had a hospital appointment and as he wasn't allowed to drive afterwards I was his chauffeuse! The appointment was about 2 hours, so I walked into town from there and suddenly remembered that in the 1980's there was a man who had a big battle with Oxford City Council's planning department because he decided to have a great white shark dive through his roof! A fibreglass replica, obviously...but lifesize! Eventually, he won the fight...and attracted hordes of sightseers (my much younger self included) come to gawp at the 'Shark in the Roof'! I wondered if it was still there...and it is!! In fact, it now has a preservation order on it (isn't it funny how time turns everything around eventually?) I'm sorry the picture is a bit dark, but you get the idea. It is amazingly lifelike...the tiles and beams are even arranged around the 'entry hole' so it looks as though sharky really has crashed in from the sky!
I'm not sure it would appeal to me at our house...but I have to say that it's quite fantastic and it was wonderful to see it again! I remember that there used to be a cinema opposite that showed arthouse movies..on top of that building was a huge pair of crossed legs, clad in red stripy stockings & black t-bar shoes! So the street was definitely a quirky feature. Sadly, the cinema is long gone and the old buildings there have been demolished and replaced with a new & very boring office block!

Happy new month to many good things to look forward to. I hope you are having a fabulous day xoxo


  1. Oh it's wonderful!!!! When we went to New England this past Fall, there was a building in Burlington, Vermont that had a rhino blasting out from the side of the building and I just thought it was quite clever. This is much grander indeed!!! How sweet of you to brighten our days with this fun feature story. I do hope that Paul's appointment was not serious and that all is well, however. I hope your weekend is wonderful.....what a beautiful chauffeuse you are---and what a lucky man Paul is to have you i his life!!
    xx love you!!

  2. At a mall near here for years the Hard Rock Cafe was a feature and sticking out of its side was a Cadillac. Both gone now. Think I could get Harrison Ford to stand on my roof? I'd be building a ladder if so! Hope Paul's eyes are back to normal now--those drops are no fun.

  3. Thank goodness for the eccentrics! I remember this shark well. Thanks for this, it made me smile! xxxxxxxxxx


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