& the Oscar goes to....

The answer to the question was, of course, their eyes. All our favourite men have blue or grey eyes! Now this may be Freudian as so does our father (and before you ask, Paul also has the most beautiful pale blue eyes too!) We're both just drawn to them!

I included anyone in the draw who mentioned their eyes...not just the colour. And the winner is: Sherry!! Well done sweetie! Your prize is...

this beautiful Moleskine Film Journal to record & grade all the movies you watch (or to give away to someone if you want!!)
I'll get it in the post as soon as I can & I hope you enjoy it!

It's so much milder here today - the birds are singing, no frost on the ground and Paul & Alice have just left for a long and muddy walk. It's two weeks until Christmas....my advent calendar had a little angel behind the door this morning and at 6am I called Esther to say Happy Birthday and heard the twinkling bright voice of my 8 year old niece answer the phone so beautifully and politely. A wonderful way to start Saturday.

Esther is having a little tea party before heading out to work at the hospital tonight. It's good to think of her there, in the warmth of an Australian summer, blowing out the candles on her cake.

Happy Birthday to my darling sister. And as you all enjoyed the pictures of our movie men as much as we did, I'll leave you with a couple more of our Favourite!! I am currently listening to the soundtrack of 'Becoming Jane'...a wonderful, romantic film that I could watch forever...so that may have influenced my choices!

Enjoy Mr McAvoy and enjoy your weekend.....xoxo


  1. Dear Rachel,

    Wishing your darling sister a Happy Birthday! A tea party sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate! And congratulations to Sherry, the winner of the contest! Good for you! Rachel, you are so sweet to do these little contests & give-aways. They are such fun!
    Glad to hear it is mild and the birds are singing. Enjoy this beautiful Saturday. I haven't seen birds in my backyard for weeks!
    :( How I do miss them. Sending my love! xxoo

  2. Congratulations to Sherry for winning your wonderful prize! Happy birthday wishes to your sister..I think a tea would be so fun ! Enjoy!

  3. Rachel, you are such a sweetie with all the contests and give-aways to brighten our days.
    Oh how nice for Sherry to be a winner.
    Happy Birthday to your sis Esther. Imagining warm gentle breezes blowing as she serves her tea and blows out the candles on her cake. She sounds like a real sweetie just like you.

  4. Congratulations, Sherry, and Happy Birthday, Esther!

  5. Thank you for the additional presents of James! I'm at work and it's quiet, so thought I'd be as polite as my girl and say hello! Love always xxxxx

  6. Oh, my goodness!! Thank you so much, Rachel! What a sweetheart you are and I know we all appreciate your kindness and the thoughtful things you do! Thank you, too, to sweet Rosinda, Gert, Sandy, and Janie for the congratulations!
    A very special Happy Birthday, Esther!!!
    Love, Sherry xoxo


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