October walks and water...

I thought that you might like to see how the world looked on our walk this morning...the changing landscape, colours, sounds and temperatures are what get Alice and I out there every day (actually, she'd be out there whatever...but those things certainly help me!)

It's been cold and windy but clear and bright these past few days...perfect October weather. I feel energised by the cooler air, and Alice loves to run into the wind with her ears flapping and good smells in her nose...
The weather has changed so much from earlier in the month, when it was weirdly hot. Paul and a good friend of ours, Brian, have recently bought a (very) small yacht...
Paul was brought up by the sea, in Devon....and has been sailing since he was very young. He passed his navigation exams years ago, used to have a share in another boat and loves to be on the ocean...so when this sweet craft came up for sale, they couldn't resist!
A couple of weekends ago on a Sunday when temperatures were over 80f, we all went down to move the boat from it's old home in a marina to it's new mooring in a little harbour in West Sussex. Well, the boys actually moved her...Alice and Brian's wife and I watched for a bit...talked a lot...walked around the town...waited and waited...ate ice cream...and sat looking at the gorgeous views...

this part of the harbour is known as the Millpond - it lived up to it's name that day!
Oh...and one of us went swimming...

well it was very hot - especially if you are wearing a fur coat...!
Thanks so much for all the lovely, touching and supportive comments on my last post...it's good to know that you get it. I somehow knew you would! xo

Tomorrow is my birthday...and I have a delightful day planned - I'll share it with you soon.


  1. Oh how much fun to see all of that. Boo sat right here with me and watched your videos. The wind sort of scared him, but most enthralling was seeing Alice paddling through the water. He loves animal documentaries. Once watched a full hour about cats and at one point leapt from the couch to walk to the TV as a cat was walking toward the screen. I think they believe the tv and monitor are windows.

    It's lovely you have the new boat and will enjoy many adventures on it.

    Hope your birthday tomorrow is wonderful and that Otam feeds you well!

  2. I love cold autumn days. And October walks are among my favourite ones.

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Rachel! Happy Birthday to you!

    May your birthday be filled with very special things!


  4. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day. I hope someone bakes a cake for you!

    lovely vids. I agree, the weather right now is perfectly perfect.Coats, scarves, hats, gloves, and a brisk walk to and from school. I couldn't love it more!

    enjoy your special day xx

    p.s congrats on the yacht! fabulous! x

    p.p.s my addiction to shoes comes from disliking my body. Clothes shopping is awful and I always looks stupid. Shoes always fit and I don't have to worry my feet having a fat day! But 4 pairs?! Oh my!!!

  5. Happy Birthday dearest Rachel!

    I enjoyed watching both your video clips, especially the one of Alice wading in the water.
    Congratulations on the little yacht. It sure is beautiful! It will be nice to go sailing with Paul and Alice next Spring, on a gorgeous, clear day. Lots to look forward to!!

    Have a wonderful day, sweetie.

    Rosinda xoxo

  6. Happy Birthday happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day. Wish I could have been there to bake you a cake, although it wouldn't have been half as good as yours!.......

  7. You live in a beautiful place, Rachel, and how lovely to be able to spend time on the water (or in Alice's case, IN the water :)). I loved seeing it all, and I hope you had the happiest of birthdays! xoxo

  8. There isn't much that is more wonderful than being on the water, especially when its warm and lovely. The 'bark' is beautiful.
    Hope you have a glorious birthday!

  9. I missed wishing you a happy birthday this week! Hope it was happy! Oh, what a nice walk and lucky you eating that great English ice cream with the view. (English ice cream is incredible!) Those views remind me of the paintings by Julia Crossland!

  10. What a beautiful location you live in:). Thanks for sharing the videos:). I hope you had a very happy birthday. Enjoy the rest of the changing colors of fall:).

    xox, Blair

  11. How lovely! I have been going for walks with Oscar most days and the weather is strange right now, sometimes still warm and sometimes much chillier. I love Autumn and Winter just as much as I enjoy Spring and Summer because I adore wrapping up warm and feeling the freshness of the chill before coming home and wrapping up in a blanket, or having a hot bath or snuggling in bed with a hot water bottle. So I cannot wait now for it to really turn cold!

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday, cannot wait to read about it xx

  12. Dearest Rachel,
    Oh what fun to see Alice paddling around in the water and to hear some giggles in the background....I was giggling, tooo!! How sweet!!!! I'm thrilled that Paul and his friend Brian purchased the yacht.....life if meant to be enjoyed....seize the opportunities to laugh, have fun.....and explore!!!!!


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