And's Spring!

It's been the most glorious weekend. Sunny & warm....light, cool breezes. Perfect.

The churchyard is full of daffodils now. the ones in the top picture are miniatures, that nestle in the shelter of the old church wall...little golden trumpets...

I spent most of yesterday morning tidying our garden. Alice mooched about while I pruned and pulled out dead wood and overhanging leaves. I also planted my first batch of bee-friendly seeds...highly coloured and scented mixed annual & perennial flowers that will keep the little sweeties happy as they flit around the garden this summer!

Although they are pretty active should be able to see the mass of bees around the entrance to the hive. As soon as the weather turns milder and the sun shines on their home they emerge...zooming everywhere and returning with their legs absolutely weighed down with bright yellow pollen.

You may be able to spot the bee working hard in the centre of this photo...the crocuses have been a prime target for them all weekend!

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments...they mean such a lot to me! Welcome to new readers, too. I hope you find plenty to enjoy here...and that you are enjoying a wonderful weekend too!
With love xo


  1. Hi Susan sent me over and told us to give you a big Hello. You must be one of her best girlfriends and now I have another blog to read,thank you. Sandy

  2. Lovely! Exactly the same as what's blooming here--purple crocus and cheery daffodils. My iris are up, and the roses are showing little pink buds. I'll wait a bit before pruning, we never know what's up ahead here. Hope your Sunday is warm and cheery!

  3. hello, and welcome home!

    Yes, it's certainly felt spring like this weekend.Which is funny when I think of last weekend, all wild wind and thrashing rain!

    Gorgeous pictures xxx

  4. Just my luck: I got a nasty cold.

    ASpring in England is so different than in my own country, at this time of year at least: in March/early April it is stinky, dirty, all this because of the melting snow.

  5. Oh Rachel, I can't wait to hear all about your bees this year! It must be such a grand feeling...helping them with their honey supply, giving them a home. I'm sure they won't mind giving you some honey this year. :)
    We're having the typical 'moody March' here in Austria; one day it's sunny, the next day it's grey and rainy. But there are some signs of spring.

  6. Wasn't it a glorious Spring-filled, feel-good weekend! Rather jealous of the bees, but we try to buy local honey and imagine they have helped feed them on some of the bee and butterfly friendly flowers that Barbara plants in our garden.

    You spread the joy, Rachel, like you spread the chocolate on those brownies, only, in writing about happenings in your garden, I feel the additional benefit of the crisp fresh Spring air, the buzz of bees and the vibrant colours to come.

    Gosh! Did I go all poetic there?! Delightful as ever.

  7. Oh my goodness...this is incredible!!!! I will have to live out my gardening summer through your garden my friend as I have only my teeny yard. I will indeed plant in pots what I can but it's WAY too early here---not until after the US Mother's Day is it typically safe to do any planting....until then, the chance of hard frost is just too way likely, even though the days may be beautiful. Your weekend wounds wonderful; ours was, too!!!!
    Have a lovely week!

  8. Hi Rachel, I loved seeing the journal that you gave Susan. My flowers are starting to bloom like crazy here in South carolina as well. Alas, I have lost my bees but hope to get a new hive soon. A few years back I was blessed to visit a few gorgeous gardens and friendly gardeners in your beautiful country. SusanL (essuzy)

  9. Hi ! The garden looks lovely, those dear title bees with their pollen pantaloons! You are helping the planet so much xxxxx

  10. Oh, how lovely to get a sneak peek into your Spring garden! I just love the bee home and the photos of the daffodils and crocuses! I'm so glad that Spring has finally arrived! Thank you for sharing it with us! Enjoy the rest of the week, sweetie! xoxo

  11. hello my name is susanne I hope you recive this for I just found your blog and am very inspired already can't wait to see moree and for the weekend it was beautifal just as it is raing right now as I type this that is beautifal as well have a lovely week

  12. Hello and good morning dear Rachel,

    I was so happy to open my computer this A.M. and see a welcome message from YOU! I love seeing the garden springing into life, and of course I love your bees. I would love to see the barrister all decked out handsomely with smoker in hand.

    My gardens are coming out here too. Have about 20 little fruit trees in bloom. Now I can finally work outside more. I feel like a weight is off my shoulders.

    Sending love across the miles and WISH you could read some of YOUR chapters to me.



    P.S. Lucky you with the special visitors in May. Wish they were here still. They've left a hole in our hearts.


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