The Hill in.....February! & Giveaway Results...

So many apologies for only now posting this!! I have just been so, so, family...I had a photoshoot for my new website (details soon!) on Friday, which was an amazing experience ! Lots going on. And snow too!! A few weeks ago, I actually dared to think that Spring might be here. I took Alice for a walk on the hill, the day before she was clipped...I neither wore, nor needed a coat and the little one was panting away with the heat by the end! And then yesterday we woke to thick fell all day...and the wind and frost this morning is transporting us back to January!

I took these pictures on the last day in February...almost a month ago now...

the gorse was spreading its coconut fragrance along the path edges...

I loved the look of this fungus, too...

the landscape was still bleak, brownish and empty...but the sky was a watercolour painting that morning...Alice sat on the steps of the memorial in her thick coat, now long a teddy bear!

The road up to the hill is twisty and will be slippery with ice & snow right now, so we are walking in the park and alongside the canal until it thaws out!

And now, finally, those giveaway results...I felt so bad that I am almost a week late with these, that I have added two further prizes so that 3 of you will receive a little gift to cheer you until Spring really is here!

The winner of the Jane Austen stamps, Pride & Prejudice and the Comic Relief mug is.....Janice!! So many congratulations...I don't have a surname, Janice, so I hope you know who you are! If you email me at the address on the blog (mozartsgirl1756 at gmail dot com) and let me have your postal address, I will send it off to you ASAP!

And now to the other little out of the hat (or mug, actually!) was WarmQuilts who wins...

this book of crossword puzzles, which should keep you occupied on any journey, or on a dull day...I love the cover, hope you do too! X

I smiled when the next name emerged...I love Julie Whitmore's beautiful pottery, so I hope that she will like some of Emma Bridgewater's in return?!

Julie, I will be sending you this tiny baby mug painted with robins...

I know you love birds as I do, so hope that you will enjoy it sweetie!

Send me those addresses, ladies, and I will get them sent off to you before Easter.

I loved reading all your stories of beloved pets...they absolutely climb into our hearts, don't they?

Sending much love for a wonderful...and hopefully warmer....week to you xoxo


  1. Mother nature is not willing to let go of winter, is she? I enjoyed seeing photos of the spring-like weather back in February. Fingers crossed spring will arrive soon! I am looking forward to my first robin sighting! Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

    P.S. I can't wait to learn more details regarding your new website! xoxo

  2. Its so very very special because its from you,
    and my very first piece of Emma too. It will always remind me of spring and its wonderful surprises!

  3. A new website, Rachel? Will it replace this one or your brownies for Mozart blog? Will look forward to it! What a lovely, hilly place to walk/hike! Beautiful countryside. I'm with Rosinda on the robin first sighting of Spring. I always look forward to that and the arrival of the hummingbirds. But, I do wish our robins looked like your "Beatrix Potter" robins. They are so much cuter! I love that Emma mug! xo

  4. The other day here in Oregon we had sunshine, then light rain, then a hailstorm, then sunshine again! Guess Mother Nature is a bit moody!

  5. I am so honored to be the recipient of the book of crossword puzzles - thank you so much! I've been enjoying your blog and am anxious to learn more about your new website...especially with the photo shoot teaser. Happy Easter to you - Spring is just around the corner. ~ Esther

  6. Love the buttery yellow gorse. Recently found out that I am not supposed to plant it in the Seattle area, due to the rich (flammable) oil content. Who knew?! ...The robin mug is adorable, Congratulations, Julie! :)

  7. HA another Esther?!! and she won, brilliant! Sorry to hear that the weather isn't good with you my cold sister, I hope that it warms up soon and my Al is warmer soon. She could do with her Auntie curling up on the sofa with her no doubt! Love the gorse, reminds me of Wales! Great prizes xxxxxx

  8. A new website Rachael, that sounds very exciting, will look forward to seeing it. Thank you for the pictures from the hill, gorgeous, but much too bitterly cold up there right now.
    Ann x

  9. Oooh, sorry Rachel, I seem to have given you an a in your name. Maybe I'll go the whole hog and give you an A* star because you are worth it!
    Ann x

  10. lucky Janice.

    That fungus makes me think of Reeves & Mortimer, when they sang one of their brilliantly stupid songs with the words 'no my friend, I can't see you, this plate fungus obscures my view'.

    Love R & M, wish they were back on telly!

    Cold enough for you?! I've been freezin' all day!

  11. Oh you sound so so busy!!! Congratulations to all the gals who have won!!! How fun is that? I can't wait to hear more about your website and all that you are doing!!!!!

    Such fun!!!

    Happy Easter...
    Love you!


    sent you a DM...please check xoxo

  12. Hello, sweet RAchel, just dropping by to say hi and hope you are having a lovely Spring.
    Take care!

  13. Good Friday evening to you, Rachel. I trust all is progressing as it should for you. Hopefully spring has definitely made an appearance where you are by now.

    I thought of you this week when I learned that our church choir will sing Mozart's "Te Deum" on Sunday! I am really looking forward to hearing them. There will be orchestra accompaniment.

    Take care!

    xo Nellie

  14. Greetings, Rachel:

    Since Susan Branch just posted a 'mention' concerning you, I wanted to let you know I've missed your posts and hope all is well ...

    Love from Alabama (USA),


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