Alice Before...& after!

Alice, as you probably know by now (!) is our beloved 19 month old wire haired fox terrier. We don't know what we did with our lives, they must have been so empty before we got her! She's very strong-willed, so needs constant discipline of a kind but firm nature....but she's also very clever, sparky & loving. Her quirks are endless, but the one that is most unlike any dog I've ever had or known is her total, teenager-like ability to not be able to get up in the morning! She's always been the same, except when she was a VERY tiny puppy...(this picture was taken when she was still with her mum & only 4 weeks old....but I knew right away she was the only one for us!) She sleeps on our bed & at dawn she moves from her position at our feet to snuggle under the covers instead....and then Paul has to pick her up when he goes downstairs or she won't move. She just shifts to her basket by the heat in the front room & carries on snoozing!!
Her coat does get very wiry & thick, so every 12 weeks or so she visits the lovely Tania who tidies her up & clips her nails! She went on Monday & Tania fixed a little blue bow to her collar for Christmas, which I've now removed & will save for 'best'!
We don't have her clipped correctly for a fox terrier....that involves lots of time, work & hand stripping of the coat. We don't want her to be a show dog, we just want her to be comfortable & cool. She's such a part of our family, our little Alice Bear.

Happy Weekend!


  1. It's so funny, I think that all the time: How did I live without Kiki?! It feels like we belong together, and I never want her life with us to end.
    As Colette said: "Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet."
    Wishing you lots of cuddle time with Alice over the weekend!

  2. I so love reading your blogs, especially at Christmas, it makes me feel as if I'm sharing it with you....
    I don't know what I would do without my two dear dogs either, or our newest addition, a little Princess Parrot, rescued, named Tamino who is sleeping sweetly on my shoulder as I type. xxxxxx

  3. Ahh Rachel, how adorable is your little Alice bear! She is as cute as a button, and her ears look as though they are made from velvet :) I feel the exact same way about our brood of cats and chickens. Wishing you Paul and Alice a wonderful snuggly and relaxing weekend xoxo


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