Christmas at the Blue Angel Bakery

Every year, at my bakery, things of course go mad at Christmas! Suddenly everyone HAS to have mince pies, Christmas cakes & gingerbread houses right now! I try and keep on top of everything (remember, there's only me doing it all, including deliveries!) but despite my best laid plans, it always snowballs (sorry for the pun) as we get nearer to the Day & people realise that they forgot to order in good time! I always seem to manage in the end, even if I get a little frazzled & decidedly un-Christmassy in my language at times!
I was very organised with my gingerbread house though - I have to be as it takes several precious days to bake, assemble & decorate. This particular one is now on display in our local coffee shop and is being raffled for the British Heart Foundation. I was especially pleased with the pretzel fence!! I love the decorating bit and have to stop myself from going TOO over the top! "Ok, Ray, STOP there" "oh, but just a little more glitter?? Please?" "Ok, but that's definitely IT then!" Schizophrenia abounds in my Christmas kitchen! Also showing are 6 dozen of the 80 or 90 dozen mince pies I make each's worth making every bit by hand, but I am so glad when it all stops as it gets a bit repetitive. I'll post more festive fancies soon! x


  1. These are the SWEETEST things ever! I especially love the pretzel fences! How wonderful that it's being raffled for the BHF. I know what you mean, I also never know if I should have subtle christmas decor or go all out!
    Lovely work. You are so talented.

  2. You are INCREDIBLE! I love your amazing creations, you are so talented. Hopefully one day I will be lucky enough to taste one of your scrumptious delights! xoxoxo

  3. Forgot to say that your bakery has a wonderful name too xoxoxo


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