Christmas 2009

This, then, is our Christmas tree. I put it up while watching one of my favourite old movies (The Five Pennies, starring Danny Kaye & Louis Armstrong) to get me in the holiday spirit. Alice looked most bemused and tried to steal some tinsel strands - but she's a good girl and soon realised that it WASN'T the right thing to do!

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the memories it evokes of past years. Part of the season, for me, is the layers of remembrance and tradition that have accumulated over my life and go to make each Christmas deeper and more special.One tradition that my sister, Esther, and I have that helps us when we are so far away is that each year we send new decorations for our trees. Now that her children are older, they pick one each for me and I do the same for them. It's a lovely thing to do and I especially love the way that each decoration is so personal and could only have come from that particular child. For instance.....this one could only have been chosen by my niece! Pink, sparkly & gorgeous....very like her in fact! Her almost-6-year-old brother on the other hand is animal mad, a walking encyclopaedia of natural history! This wombat was last year's choice. And the fish is one of my all time favourites! My Christmas tree is always busy, colourful and slightly messy. Full of bits and pieces (the mini-Alices were a present from Paul last year, the wax figures picked up in Salzburg many years ago....) added to each year from loved ones and from our travels. It, and the rest of my Christmas house, reflect 20 years of the holiday seasons in my life. I love the warm cosiness, the way it makes me think about those I love - far away or very near - and brings them all close to me at this very special time of year.


  1. Oh Rachel, now I feel as though I have become a part of that lovely tradition of giving a tree ornament! Next year you will get one from me, too. :)
    Ramon and I always buy one or two new pieces for our tree each year. This year in Cape Cod we bought a wooden hand-painted Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We wrote the year on the back. It will always be int he family now!
    I really, really love the ornament that looks like Alice! So sweet.
    Sending a warm hug,

  2. How beautiful you tree looks! The fish one is great, I wish I had one of them! Your house looks like it was made for this time of year, and I love Alice's special ornament, just brilliant, maybe I'll send an ornament to you too next year! With much love xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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