A Wintery Tail...

We have had a LOT of snow in the past week...almost unheard of this side of Christmas in this area. It is truly beautiful and I love it really but I can't deny that this side of Christmas is just a little inconvenient! Last night, for example, I was babysitting for my youngest sister while she & her partner went to a work dinner - and I ended up getting snowed in and had to stay the night! While it was wonderful to wake up to my 18 month old nephew, it was difficult too as I'd planned to spend the whole day at work getting ready for Tuesday's Christmas Farmer's Market. I set off for home at 10am...the scariest 12 miles I have ever driven! The roads were an ice rink, completely untreated...several times I nearly burst into tears with the tension of keeping steady! I have never been so pleased to reach home. I walked to my kitchen unit in the end....3 miles away, but the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the frosty snow was sparkling - and I was on my own 2 feet and not behind the wheel of a ton of heavy, dangerous, skating-out-of-control machine!!

While all this was going on, Paul & Alice were out for a beautiful long walk. She absolutely adores the snow and is completely invigorated by it. I'm so glad he took these pictures so I could share it with them - and you! Stay warm xox


  1. Alice is so adorable! The snow looks so lovely, and I know how inconvenient it all is and dangerous too, but the snow just makes Christmas all the more Chrismtassy! A boiling hot Christmas is just not as festive! Give Alice a cuddle from me. xxxxxx

  2. Look at Alice enjoying the snow! So sweet. I just know she and Kiki would have a grand time together in the fields of white. :)
    So sorry you are having a hard time with the weather, hope it eases up for you soon...or that you won't have to go anywhere for a while!


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