For auld lang syne....

So that was 2009. In many ways, I'm not sad to see it much hardship, war (STILL??), poverty,'d have thought we'd have learned something by the 21st century but in so many ways man just blunders on, having the same prejudices and petty hatreds, treating each other and the world with contempt and disdain. BUT there is so much good out there too. On a personal level, I've made new friends this year (hi Dawn & Morwenna to name but two! x) which is always a good thing, and I've been so lucky and happy in my life. I saw my beloved sister and her family when we visited Australia in May, spent time with special friends in the USA which I'll never forget, and I made the big decision to change my working life after 6 years of full-time baking.

Yesterday was spent clearing out my industrial kitchen unit. It was freezing cold and lashing rain all day - it hardly got light! Luckily I wasn't alone - Paul and my great friend Charlie-the-Coffeeman were on hand to help - but it was pretty grim! I've had so many happy days there, overlooking farmland and a golf course, listening to BBC Radio 4 and watching the birds as I baked up a storm. But my lease came to an end, new landlords taking over the units, rents going up...and times change. My working life has always fitted into 5 year cycles, bizarrely! I could never give up baking professionally altogether....well, not yet anyway. So for now I have a mini-bakery at home, and have kept a couple of customers who are also, after all this time, good friends as well. My plan is to bake on Mondays & Thursdays, and the rest of the time I shall write - my lifelong ambition, always hovering in the background, but now it's time to DO IT! - and enjoy our home, my friends and family...give everything a little more time, which I haven't had for too long.
We are going to London this afternoon to celebrate there...lovely supper booked, at Le Cafe Anglais, with music & dancing (and maybe some champagne too.....x)

My resolution this year (most years actually!) is to STOP PROCRASTINATING...just do it! Life really isn't very long, there's so much to fit I shall endeavour to fulfil my favourite saying and Carpe Diem. Watch this space!

Wishing everyone the happiest of New Years. May 2010 ,and the decade to come, bring you love, happiness and all you wish for yourself and those you love.


  1. Looking forward to hearing about the cafe. You're right, procrastination is a killer, luckily it's one I don't suffer from, which can have its downsides too! Wishing you a happy and very healthy 2010. Have a nice break from working so hard, and serious success in your next venture, which I have no doubt that you will have. With love xxxx

  2. Darling Rachel, what a lovely new friend you are :) So glad to know you and I echo your ambition and New Year’s sentiments entirely. Life is for living and filling it to the brim with all of the things that make us happy and keep us sane. I too procrastinate and give in to fear too often and let fantastic opportunities pass me by. However 2010 will be different and you will be living your dream and following your heart. You will be wonderful, I just know it.

    Wishing you, Paul and Alice the very best for the New Year and hope that it brings exciting and happy times for you all.

    Lots of love
    Morwenna xoxo


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