Cold day, hot food....

We're meeting up with a group of friends this evening, and all walking to a local curry restaurant....whch led me to think about just how much I love Indian food, especially at this freezing time of year. The bright, hot, fresh flavours. The wonderful contrast in textures between rich sauces, light rice and crispy poppadoms. The fresh coriander and squeeze on your tongue from the fresh chilis - not eye- wateringly hot, but you must be able to taste them! I have so many favourites, but onion bhajis, spinach bhaji, pindi chana (chickpeas), okra...always plain basmati rice...sometimes brinjal (aubergine), mango chutney, lime pickle - my mouth is watering at the thought! The restaurant we're going to is a very good one, and BYOB too, so I'll just drink Diet Coke...I can't stand beer, and I don't think any other alcohol really goes with curry. It's really the perfect food for cold weather, especially when you feel a little over-stodged with casseroles & stews! Enjoy your weekend suppers too, whatever you eat & wherever you are xo


  1. I could not agree with you more Rachel, I LOVE curry and all of the scrummy extras and side dishes that compliment the main dish. Your beautiful writing has made me want a curry right now! I hope you enjoy the delicious food and great company
    Love Morwenna xoxo

  2. Hi Rachael...sounds like a fun evening with friends...and the food sounds so good....

    have a great weekend.....


  3. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for your comment:). Your blog is quite fabulous as well:). You're making me hungry for some Indian cuisine. My favorite is chicken tikki masala. We've tried many recipes at home, but just cannot seem to make it as delicious as the restaurants. If you happen to know of any good recipes, I'd love to hear:). Have fun with your friends this evening! Stay warm:).

    - Blair

  4. oooh yummy! Haven't had curry in a while, making my mouth water for it. Something about the scent of fresh coriander makes me happy.
    have fun and enjoy!


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