Images of Christmas...

We had a Christmas morning visitor.....

Alice is behind my legs - I wouldn't have been out there otherwise! BBrrr..

William loved his new fire engine.....!

Alice opening a sneaky present...

And one from New Year!

We had a wonderful time! I hope that, however you celebrated, you had lots of fun too! 2010 has really begun now......I so look forward to enjoying the months ahead with you.

Happy January! xoxoxox


  1. Thank you for sharing the photos of your lovely Christmas and New Years :) It is great to see a glimpse of your life and to see how absolutely beautiful you are and you and Paul both look so very happy. Here is to you and your wonderful New Year filled with things to make your heart sing
    Lots of love
    Morwenna xoxoxo

  2. how lovely to see the muntjac! It looks so lovely and wintery there. The house looks lovely. The picture of you and Paul is beautiful, you look so utterly radiant and Paul is very handsome and young looking! Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas photos, makes me feel as though I was there xxxxx

  3. Rachel, so lovely to finally put a (beautiful!) face to a name!
    Looks like you had a lovely New Year's Eve.
    I, too, am looking forward to this year, and all of the little conversations we'll have and memories we'll make together in 2010.

  4. Rachael....New Years Eve looks lovely..and I LOVE ALICE...what a darling doggy...Buddy says Hi to Alice.....

    Looking forward to spending 2010 with you. I know we'll all have a great time together...

    Wish you were here for the bbq...we have a place all set....

    More later,
    Kary and Buddy


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