Simple Things & Never Forget....

Today is very special. It is the my beloved Mozart's 254th birthday and also Holocaust Memorial Day. I think that these events belong together. Mozart's music celebrates the triumph of love & humanity over darkness, it's soaring beauty bringing joy & hope to everyone who hears it. And the liberation of Auschwitz, 65 years ago today, reminds us that -despite their best efforts- those who sought to destroy an entire race, and others who didn't conform to their twisted ideals were, finally, vanquished. Hope returned to the world that day, despite the terrible suffering that went before, and good ultimately triumphed. I will be wandering quietly through the beautiful, ancient streets of Salzburg , giving thanks for the life of an inestimable genius who was given to the world on this day, in this place. But I will also carry in my heart a prayer for those who lost their lives and loved ones in the greatest genocide of all. We owe it to them, truly, to never forget their suffering.

So, on this contemplative day, the beautiful Dawn at May All Seasons Be Sweet To Thee has asked us to post our Simple Pleasures. I've been thinking of mine ever since, and it's quite hard to choose but I shall try::

The soft, sweet, biscuity smell behind my dog's ears
Stroking the silky hair that covers the nape of my niece's neck
A warm bowl of porridge with salt & maple syrup on a cold winter morning
Catching a train I thought had left
Switching on to an episode of Frasier I've never seen
My husband cooking supper
My husband, full stop
Switching on the car radio & hearing Mozart
Sun breaking through clouds unexpectedly
A full moon
Geese flying by in formation
A new notebook
Candles burning on a windowsill
Clean, fragrant sheets
A huge bunch of bright anemones
A cake coming out of the oven perfectly risen
Comments left on my blog
Hearing the title music to Little House on the Prairie
My mother's voice on the end of the phone
Laughing with my sister until our stomachs hurt
Just before a favourite movie starts, as the lights go down in the cinema
The first star on Christmas Eve
Being alive

To be continued......!

Spare a moment to write down, or think about, your own Simple Pleasures today. I'm so grateful for mine xox


  1. Your list made me giddy at parts!
    Especially 'just before a movie starts as the light go down at the cinema' 'geese flying by in formation' and 'the soft sweet biscuity smell behind my dogs ears'....we always call that Kiki's 'popcorn smell!' I guess it's the dog-mommy's version of baby smell. :)
    I love your list and am so glad you've posted it.
    Be sure to let Christina know so she donates $1 in your honor...
    Love to think of you so close by....some day soon we'll walk Vienna's old streets together, and will be lovely.
    xoxo Dawn

  2. Happy Birthday, Mozart!! I remember some years back, I celebrated his birthday with some friends and we made homemade Apfelstrudel. It was the first and last time I made it, but it was exquisite!! What a celebration that was....

    Love your list of simple things! I find that it's mostly the simple things that make my heart sing! And so many on your list would be on mine as well!!

    Thank you for that inspiring post! Love, Silke

  3. Oh my! In the mid 80's, my sis Mom and I were in Salzburg, sitting on gilt chairs, candle light, in a schloss, listening to a Mozart string quartet! Simply heaven!!! We thought our Cavaliers feet smelled like popcorn as well. Now we have an Australian Terrier, a rescue Jack Russel-dachund mix. Also 2 adopted Russian sisters 16 and 19, and 2 grown sons,40 and 36!!! Also rescue kitty and inherited canary!!! We have beautiful white wild swans dotting the farm land near our old farm house. love and sparkles to you, Mary Anne

  4. the smell of my must be doggy mommy love .... dawn is right....i always say...john..doesn't buddy smell good? we love his matter what..

    lovely list, rachel..i enjoyed reading all of it..

    you must be having a wonderful time...miss you and look forward to your return, dear one...

    hugs to alice and
    kary and buddy

  5. Oh Rachel, I absolutely love your fill my mind with beautiful images and I cannot wait for you to be published so that I can read your writing whenever I like!
    Love Morwenna xoxo

  6. Your list made me want to cry. I love the comments about popcorn feet, I'd never thought of that but of course, they smell just like popcorn! Shame we can't take the dogs to the movies to enjoy the smell and the feeling just before the lights go down! One simple pleasure from me; the feeling I get when I look up on the arrivals board at the airport and see my sister's flight has arrived, safe and sound.
    Love love love


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