Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

This was the view from our bedroom window this morning....it started to snow at 7 last night and has hardly stopped since! As I write, I'm looking out on a new blizzard, yellow-grey skies & footsteps filling up again on the path below.

I must admit that, as someone who now works from home, I really love snow days. And we haven't had weather like this for years and years. I was talking to an elderly neighbour this morning and she can only recall more snow falling in this town in 1947 & 1962....so it's a pretty rare occurrence! I've checked in with my parents, who live high up in the hills and always have much more extreme weather than we do - they're fine, and my youngest sister is staying with my nephew William, so they're warm, dry & well-stocked! Alice really adores it and we've been out several times this morning...she dives into the biggest drifts, pushing her nose in and 'pronking' about like a Spring lamb!

I know that it won't be here for long, so while it is I'm going to savour it. I've put a shoulder of lamb to slow-cook for Paul's supper, made a pot of coffee & I'm settling in for a Frasier afternoon.....enjoy your wather too, whatever it's like! It's one of the few things we can do nothing about, after all! xox


  1. Your square looks utterly enchanting in the snow, it could be the setting for a movie! Bless darling Alice, I can just imagine her 'pronking' about and having the time of her life.
    Enjoy your afternoon of Frasier (one of my all time favourite shows) and stay warm and cosy :)
    Love Morwenna xoxo

  2. Ooh love your new header, it changed whilst I was writing my comment! xoxo

  3. Wonderful! I love being 'snowed-in' too. And Kiki, like Alice, rolls around in the drifts and springs around happy as can be. I think it's so cute that our doggies love snow.
    Enoy your Frasier evening!

  4. This is so beautiful....I know I am in a heat wave in California..but it is January..and I would love to be in some snow...a quiet winter's eve would suit me just fine...

    love Alice in the snow..Buddy has only been in the snow once and he loved it...wouldn't it be fun to have Alice, Kiki and Buddy all playing together....

    and your dinner sounds wonderful..i can smell it from here....

    more later, dear one
    kary and buddy

  5. Oh my goodness, it's such a Winter wonderland! How utterly beautiful. I know it must be murder to get around, but it really is gorgeous, and now you have a good excuse to watch 'Frasier' (not that you need one, it should be mandatory!) does Alice get little snowballs around her feet after she's been running around? Hope Paul enjoys that lamb! Love always xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hello Rachael and Alice....your supper sounds wonderful...thanks for stopping by to visit today....Buddy and I will be back soon..and Hugs to Alice......

    Kary and Buddy

  7. I'm at work and thought I'd 'blog'! Just had a beach day and the kids were in the aquamarine water and it was a burning hot day (and their faces are a little sunburnt I'm ashamed to say) and have just been keeping track of your weather, how show stopping it is! Can't believe the difference in our weather! Glad to think that you're safe and don't have to drive anywhere.


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