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Paul has been away for a few days (he's on his way home now...) staying in this beautiful old farmhouse in Penrith which is in the North Eastern part of our Lake District. Such an amazing part of the may remember that we spent a week there, in the South Lakes, last June. Home to so many famous historical figures who took their inspiration from the breathtaking landscape...Beatrix Potter of course! And William Wordsworth...
this is known, apparently, as 'Wordsworth's Waterfall' but I'm not sure if that's because he wrote about it or lived near it!
Paul has been hiking around the hills and fells with a few like-minded friends...I couldn't go as I have too much work here and also dogs weren't allowed in the house (can you believe that?!) so it would have been no fun for Alice at all...but he has been sending me some beautiful photos which I thought I'd share with you.

These were taken yesterday on a long walk around Ullswater Lake....on one of the few sunny days they've had on the trip...

you can see why I fell in love with the area can't you?

The good news is that we've booked a (dog friendly) cottage in the South lakes again this summer...and after seeing the beauty of the landscape again, I almost can't wait!!

I also wanted to thank everyone so much for the lovely comments you have been leaving on my last post...I can't wait for the draw on Monday and only wish that everyone could win!

With my love for a wonderful Thursday xo


  1. Ahh, Paul is very lucky indeed, to be hiking in the Lakes District. I do remember very well your week spent there last summer. I am thrilled that you will be staying there again. I remember how much you enjoyed the hiking and the restaurants!
    Thank you for sharing those lovely photos with us. They are gorgeous. I can see why you will be going back. I would too! Have a lovely Thursday sweetie! xxoo

  2. It's gorgeous!! If it's this amazing in February, I can only imagine how beautiful it must be in summer! Lucky you!
    Sending a big big hug,

  3. Pictures are lovely and remind me a little bit of ones my dad had of Scotland with hills and lakes. Wonderful place for a summer vacation and Alice will have a grand time out in those hills and fields. Can't imagine not wanting dogs in house. Inspiring place, no wonder you want to return to it. Thanks for sharing this special place.xoxo

  4. Beautiful pictures of the Lake District. Understand why you would like to return there and think it's a lovely vacations spot. Can't imagine someone not wanting a dog in the house.Alice will have a grand time romping through the countryside. Thank you for sharing Paul's pictures. xoxo
    Don't believe my first comment went through as I got an error message. :o)

  5. It is so peaceful and beautiful! I am sorry you couldn't go this time, but it will be warmer in summer and the two of you can share it all and together!!!! It does remind me of the serene Finger Lakes region of NY where I grew up : ) I find it comforting to know a slice of England seems like home to me!! Thank you, sweet Rachel! Hugs, Sherry xx

  6. oh is so lovely...i am just like you..if Teddy can't go...i won't go. i understand completely about that. so happy to hear you got a place that is doggy friendly. little teddy is right on my lap right now keeping me warm. yesterday john and i took a drive to have lunch ( with Teddy ) to Pismo Beach and i saw a doggy that looked just like alice...i said" john...that's what alice looks like" john LOVES that breed so much...he smiled.
    Rachel...we are so glad you are joinng all of us Sarabeth Bakery girls. it will be so much is such a great group who loves home and cooking and dogs.... such a JOY to have you onboard, my friend

    sending love today,
    Kary and teddy

  7. I've only spent a day and 1 overnight in England as part of a trip to Germany and Austria--so this area intriques me!! The pictures are gorgeous; I may have to add this wonderful part of the world to my travel dreams!!

  8. Beautiful pictures Rachel. If you do come up in the summer and feel like meeting up please give me a shout. We are only a stones throw from Penrith. xx

  9. Wonderful photos of beautiful countryside! You are sure to have a lovely time in the summer!

  10. Hi Rachel, I can see why you love that spot, your hubby's photo's are beautiful! Happy to hear you found a doggy friendly place for your vacation! Looking forward to the Sarabeth Spring Fling!


  11. I really miss the Lake District, which my wife and I visited in July last year, spending most of our time in Keswick. I want to see it in Autumn. I have seen Penrith only briefly, but I loved its castle.

  12. oh just perfect. I love England, I really do. When we go away (last time it was the Bath area, on honeymoon), it HAS to be a place we can take the cat or I won't go. Simple as that! And this year, it has to be to a cottage that will be child and cat friendly. We may have our work cut out finding somewhere, but I'm sure we will :O)

    I'm glad your beloved is back home now. It's always awful when they're away isn't it?

    Thank you for your incredibly kind comment today. I promise I am going to email you soon (arggh!!! I keep saying that, but I do mean it), and I will share with you the contents of the letter that has made me think so much. I just know you are going to understand completely.

    Enjoy your Sunday afternoon. xxx


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