A few more favourite things...

This is one of my favourite things...I LOVE Emma Bridgewater (who doesn't?!) and the British Bird pattern is just gorgeous. I also particularly like the rounded, tactile shape of this jug. It sits on top of the kitchen shelf...unless it's needed for holding milk or gravy or cordial.
This little mug is nearly 34 years old ( what a thought!) In 1977, when our Queen celebrated her Silver Jubilee, all the schoolchildren at the time were given one of these. I've always loved it and kept it very carefully through my various house moves. I'm so happy it's survived! Graceful and pretty...and 2012 will be her Diamond Jubilee! What will the children get to commemmorate 60 years I wonder?
Militza (our adopted Serbian grandmother...much more about her elsewhere on this blog!) gave me this delicate candlestick many, many years ago. Like the Jubilee cup, it's travelled everywhere with me. And you can imagine my thrill when I found this little coffee pot in the same pattern last year...and in a charity shop too! It cost only a couple of pounds. Pure serendipity.
I suppose that one of the reasons why objects are so precious is the history attached to them...the remembrance of the place they occupied when I was young, or the person who gave them to me. This little Delft lidded box, for instance, was always on a shelf in my grandparents sitting room in Suffolk. It held little bits of broken china and other scraps that they'd found and not wanted to throw away. My mum knew that I loved it, so when my Grandad died she made sure that it was passed to me. So the history continues...

More blue and white. Spode, this time. It was difficult to capture the size of this cup and saucer in a picture...but this is HUGE! It holds about 3 pints, and for this reason it's not often used for tea! But I've planted primroses in it (indoors) and it's always around as it makes me happy. It was also given to me by a dear friend...those memories and attachments again!
And finally, for this post, our newest acquisitions...

We stopped for a night in Carnforth, Lancashire last sunmer on our way up to the Lake District. In the clear, sunny evening we went for a post dinner stroll around the town...and happened upon an antique shop (closed) with this pair of 1920's vases in the window. I was absolutely captivated by the strong colours and beautiful, autumnal pattern. There was a note on the door, stating the (very limited) opening hours and the telephone number of the shopowner. Paul wrote it down, and we vowed to go back.
A few days later, on a rainy afternoon, we did just that after arranging an appointment with the owner first. And the vases were ours (very reasonably!) Their joyous vibrancy gives me so much pleasure.

What a glorious day today...the sky is clear blue, the sun is warm, there's not a breath of wind and the birds are absolutely revelling in it....of course, we may be knee-deep in snow this time next week, but it does wonders for the spirits however long it lasts.

The next post will be my 100th. I'm putting together a very special giveaway...so I'll see you soon with the details!
Thanks so much for reading xo  


  1. love all your precious things, and understand completely your love of Emma Bridgewater and Spode.

    Isn't today just beautiful? I love it when it's cold and sunny. My little girl was thrilled to see so many 'lou-lous' (Ladybirds) outside.
    Not so keen on how grimy the sun shows my windows to be though!!

    ooh, and yes, I had been watching You've Got Mail on Saturday too :o) love that film. I found out that the Shop around the Corner in real life is a cheese & antiques shop! Not sure how that works - cheese and antiques, but it's quite a quirky thought!

    enjoy the sun xx

  2. hi rachel....i loved this post. i have an emma cup in my bathroom..i love them too...

    i was thinking about you and alice the other morning and was wondering about your new adoption....how is that going?

    Teddy turns ONE tomorrow and we have had a crew of men here and are completely re-doing our garden for Teddy...it is looking like a New England garden. We are just loving it. So pretty...

    I hope this letter finds you well and am sending love to you and alice...

    Kary and Teddy

  3. I also just love beautiful things from the family or friends! It is such a joy to see your treasures and they are such gorgeous objects in their own right! Weren't you just so very lucky to come upon the china coffee pot that matches Militza's candle stick!! Do write a little label and attach to the bottom of your things so that others will know. My mother did that and it helped me so much!! Wishing you blue skies always, dear Rachel.
    Hugs, Sherry xx

  4. Such beautiful treasures you have! I especially love that Delft lidded box... absolutely gorgeous!

    Looking forward to your 100th post :) ♥

  5. I think it's no coincidence that your favorite things all put a smile in my heart that tells me they would be my favorite things, too, if they lived in my home. They're a pleasure to see. Kindred spirits :) If I were showing you pictures of my favorite things, my Emma Bridgewater mug from you would definitely be one of them!

  6. I love seeing 'you' in your treasured collections....sometimes these things are extensions of our souls, you know. When received from special people or acquired under special circumstances, they carry deep meaning and personal joy. Thank you for being so kind to share them with us!

  7. Gorgeous things - I don't know Emma Bridgewater so well so will need to check her out me thinks... I love the royal mug too... I love how an object can capture a moment of history...xxx

  8. Beautiful treasures and post as always Rachel. I too am completely sentimental and most of my beloved things are because of a memory or the history of them.
    Wow congratulations on your impending 100th post that is fantastic!

  9. thanks my sweet friend for the warm birthday wishes for Teddy...

    so kind to take the time to stop by...it makes us HAPPY to see you and Alice

    sending love
    kary and teddy

  10. you found me on Twitter! :o)

    just wanted to stop by and wish you a lovely weekend.

    Meant to ask, what part of Suffolk were your Grandparents from? That's my part of the world!


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