A tiny taste...

of Valentine's Day. Tomorrow I'll be writing my special 100th post - complete with Valentine Love and a giveaway too....
this is my very favourite picture of Paul & I (even though you don't really see his face!) He's cooking at the barbecue..and I think my expression says it all perfectly!

The love of friends is SO important to me, and the many new ones I've made over the past year on my Twitter page are a case in point. We call our merry little band The Tweetettes and the friendship and support I've had from them is priceless to me. We often send little bits & pieces to each other...for the season, for a special occasion...or just to say hello! Valentine's Day has seen a flood of cards and gifts pouring through my letterbox - is there anything nicer than proper mail? So wonderful to look forward to the postman, rather than dreading the brown envelopes that shout 'BILL!!'

I've set up special displays in the front windows so that everyone can enjoy the cards and decorations. The beautiful crocheted string of hearts was sent to me by Regina, a friend in my beloved Salzburg. She has a fantastic online shop - Mia de Roca - which sells all kinds of interesting and unusual Alpine homewares and jewellery...also fabulous bags, one of which I am saving hard for right now. It will be my reward for finishing a writing project I'm working on!

The miniature rose brings a little green into the house - I'm not a big fan of houseplants (I never have much luck with them and they gather dust...I feel so guilty when I kill them!) but the rosy buds on this one won me over.
Join me tomorrow, if you can...until then, have a wonderful Sunday xo


  1. What a darling picture of you and Paul, Rachel!! That says love in your sweet, smiling face!! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and I am sooo looking forward to your 100th post!! How exciting!! Love and hugs, Sherry xx

  2. I love that photo of you both. It's funny how often the photos cherished most aren't the ones that show all the faces of those in it, but bring back the feelings and atmosphere perfectly. I have one of myself and Goreous Girl taken on a beach last autumn. I HATE having my photo taken, but this one is nice. I'm in sunglasses so you can't really see my face, you can't see little ones face as she's on my lap, our faces are turned towards each other as the wind was bashing against us, but it's the closeness of it that I love. We are together, huddled against the wind, and that is why I love it. I'll always remember that moment and the feeling, and I see the same thing in your photo.

    Gorgeous goodies you have been sent! Lucky you :o)

    Have not forgotten your email, just haven't had the chance to reply yet. Will do so as soon as I can - as long as little one doesn't throw things at me again!!!

    Have a lovely evening, and congratulations on your 100th post!

  3. I'm very excited about the 100th post---so interesting that I'm close to my 100th!! I LOVE the photo of you and Paul.....it is priceless to have a wonderful partner in our life who we can count on....absolutely priceless!!

  4. What an adorable picture of you and Paul.You are a very cute couple. Your Valentine's all look so sweet and to display them in window is great way to share them. I feel same way about proper mail, it's wonderful to open the mailbox and see something from a tweet friend.

  5. I nearly missed this sunday post :-)

    I love your Valentine's window, great to see the crochet hearts garland :-) And thanks for mentioning MiaDeRoca.

    Have a lovely February 14th!

    For me it is all about friendship as well, and for once a year, abundance of pink in all shades.

  6. Ah, I love that you put my Valentine in your window. Just mind boggling to think of it there in your beautiful window!


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