A little lift...

Just a tiny post today...SO beautiful outside, warm sunshine, soft air and the birds are singing so loudly - they are just joyous! As i'm typing, a ladybird has just landed on my hand...so hibernation is obviously over for some creatures too...me included! I'm just off to deliver desserts and taking Alice with me so that we can take a long walk in the beautiful surrounding farmland afterwards.I'm certain the weather will regress soon, so we have to make the most of it!

I just wanted to share this sweet little gift that my almost-3-year-old-youngest-nephew made me the other day...
Of course, you'll be able to see immediately that it's a hedgehog...!
I'm using it as a paperweight and smiling every time I see it. He was so very proud when he handed it to me on Tuesday, all wrapped carefully in kitchen paper. Like my oldest nephew (in Australia...how I miss you, Kip!) he's obsessed with animals and birds and already knows a lot about them.

I was very impressed with this...looks like we have a crafter in the family!!

Love to you this Thursday...I hope you're having a wonderful day xoxo


  1. Aww! I can't wait to take a walk with the kids :) Enjoy it with Alice :)

    sunny but still tons of snow here on Prince Edward Island, but i'm loving it :)

    Love your nephew's craft!! so cute :)

    Denise Bruce of Ingleside, PEI

  2. Hasn't it been glorious today?! Utterly beautiful. I'm really a rainy day girl, but this sudden burst of sunshine and warmth has been lovely!

    I love, love, love that hedgehog! And yes, you can tell straightaway what it is. Bravo!

    p.s Masterchef soon! Yey, are you watching the Hairy Bikers too? Love them. Happy chappies!

  3. What is a ladybird? I suspect it's what we call a ladybug--little bug with wings that are red with white dots like your background here? Hmm maybe it's black dots. I know it's dots.

    Very sweet you are the favorite aunt receiving gifts from the young crafter. Gotta say tho that one looks a little dangerous!! Good thing Alice doesn't leap up onto surfaces.

    So glad you're enjoying nice weather. Frosty here compared to our normal.

  4. What an adorable hedgehog Rachel! I can see why it makes you smile. Children make the most adorable things.
    SO lovely to have a spring like day in your forecast. I can't wait till I hear our birds singing. Was so happy when I heard the song of a black-capped-chickadee yesterday on my walk to the school. Huggggs

  5. What an adorable hedgehog! Your niece is very creative!
    Enjoy the weather-- wish it was as nice over here in NY! ♥

  6. Hello dear Rachel,

    I don't know WHY, but your long letter to me arrived on my iPad, but not on my computer. So I just got it and read through it about the writing connection, Moro, etc.

    I totally understand that it is just so easy to put on your jacket and head up the street to some of the finest restaurants anywhere. I'd be hard put to go out of the neighborhood too.

    Sending love and awaiting the arrival of Sue and Joe. Got an e-mail from her yesterday with a shot of South Station in Boston.

    Love to you, Paul, and Alice-how was Paul's boy trip?

  7. Oh, Rachel, what a darling hedgehog!! I love him!! Is he painted clay or perhaps papiermache? His mom is a patient and kind creative type I bet!! And how lovely to have some glorious weather! A day that makes the heart sing! Wishing more of those!! Lots of hugs, Sherry xx

  8. Yes, of course, a hedgehog!! It made me giggle, I must say!! At first I thought a porcupine that had lost many of its quills and was looking silly so bare.....but of course, now I see it!! From a child's imagination....how incredible!!
    Enjoy your emerging Springtime....springtime in the Rockies is far away still....

  9. Gorgeous hedgehog! Very talented young man. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. I'll bet your little nephew was bursting with pride, I can just imagine his little face!

    No signs of Spring here, hubby is running the snowblower as I type, this is our 2nd storm this weekend! March 20th can't come soon enough for me!



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