My Garden in February...& brighter days

This is what I can see as I write this morning...SUN! Birds singing and the gentle glow through the that February is here, I can feel the very early stirrings of Spring all around. The snowdrops in the churchyard are now joined by a carpet of tiny yellow aconites under the huge, ancient beech tree. Hope is everywhere.
Unfortunately, when I took pictures of the garden yesterday, it wasn't so beautiful!
Gloomy is the word. It looks very much like the January garden, in fact! But there are a few subtle the weekend, I dug over the raised vegetable bed. It's now rich, dark & weed free so I covered it with a tarpaulin

which will inhibit weed growth and help the earth to warm up, in readiness for planting new seeds later..

I also pruned all my roses...

they are old-fashioned, heavily scented favourite! Unfortunately, I can't tell you the names! Paul bought me several of them for Christmas a few years ago...he thought he bought Winchester Cathedral...pure white, just beautiful. They were labelled as such! But that first year, when they flowered...they were a magnificent pink! I don't mind a bit...they have an amazing fragrance and look gorgeous. But we still don't know what their name is!

I love hellebores, and my parents bought us this wonderful Christmas Rose for our anniversary a couple of weeks ago. They love the cold, wet & shade...perfect British winter plants!
I try and plan for little splashes of colour year round...but it can be difficult!
Still, every little helps...
As inside the house, Wolfgang Amadeus watches serenely over our garden...

a bit of a Victorian image of him...not so handsome as the real man...but it comforts me anyway and makes me smile!

So that's February. Hopefully there will be some more signs of Spring by March...
To make up for the general dinginess, I like to have plenty of flowers inside...especially hyacinths because I adore their heady scent and vivid blueness!

The little robin sculpture is so lifelike isn't he?

I hope that you are having a wonderful week. I am thinking especially of Queensland in Australia today...of those who are living in fear of the biggest cyclone ever which is due to hit that beautiful coast in a few hours. Thankfully, my sister and her family are out of the danger zone. But so many aren't. Spare a thought if you can. We can only hope that it's not as bad as expected...

With love xo


  1. You know, I love gardens just before they come back to life - they are so full of hope and potential! I am just watching the weather news from here in the States and also Australia and it's frightening what some people have to endure. Nothing like that here in mild Savannah. Rachel, I know you visit my blog - don't worry if you can't comment all the time... Hope you are doing great!! Love, Silke

  2. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. It's just amazing to see the different seasons. Cyclone Yasi is ripping into Cairns, it's 1.30am here. I just keep my fingers crossed for the poor people up North and feel very lucky that I live in the middle. Have a wonderful day, Love love love

  3. Rachel, you make me smile everytime I read your blog and look at the pictures. Love seeing what you have been up to in the garden and I think Spring is a little closer to you than to me. Still so cold here, no snowdrops yet. Love Mozart watching over the garden and the little life like robin in the window. Love to you sweetie!

  4. Oh sweetie, I am so glad your sister is far from the area where cyclone is due to hit. Am always thinking of those in the world who are less fortunate than we. Crossing my fingers that there won't be too much destruction.
    Lovely to hear that you have snowdrops in the churchyard, we are only lucky to see those in March! Can't wait to see your garden next month, I'm sure there will be some new things happening then! Right now it is snowing like mad! We can't keep up with all this snow. Glad you are snow free and expecting Spring soon! xoxo

  5. I will hold the people in Australia in my thoughts and prayers today-such a scary thought and wind and water so damaging. Necessities of life, air and water, and yet, in full force can be so destructive. I will snap my February photos of my garden later to share as the below zero temps are terribly forbidding! I LOVED the luscious cake and am humbled by the reference to me; thank you so much! I find it quite fun that Sandy's necklace is so similar to the adornments on that cake!! How fun! May sunshine continue today and in your heart always! Enjoy your fabulous dinner with Paul! xx

  6. I always thought that on the contemporary portraits of Mozart he looked rather ugly. Lovely pictures anyway.

  7. How lovely it must be to see the grass... I haven't seen my own since Christmas!

    I still think your garden looks charming, and can already imagine how beautiful it will look come Spring-time (which isn't so far away!)
    Your roses look so healthy! I planted a bush a few years ago, but it died very soon... I guess I'm not the best gardener :p


    P.S.- My heart goes out to those in Australia... they'll certainly be in my prayers.

  8. I don't think your garden looks gloomy at all. It looks serene. I love the herringbone brick walkway. Hilarious that you have Mozart there. It's like you really know him. I bet you were lovers in another life!

  9. Am so very happy there are signs of spring for you Rachel and no snow!! I love seeing all the different types of plants you have and find beauty in the garden at any time! I am glad that Esther and family are out of harm's way, but will hold others in Australia in my prayers. Love those hyacinths indoors! Heavenly scent! Hugs, Sherry

  10. Your garden gives me hope that spring is still with us, just waiting to come back out and play. It's nice to remember that as I look out over the frozen tundra!

    Love the sweet robin sculpture!

  11. I've visited a few times before, but never quite had the nerve to leave a comment. Which is not nice, so I am leaving a comment now!

    Ah yes, a bit of sunshine, feels quite strange to see it these days. And it's been so blustery lately too. I love seeing the snowdrops and crocuses peeping up through the ground. Doesn't matter what the British weather throws at them, they always come up smiling!

    A very warm and lovely blog you have here.
    Have a lovely weekend.


  12. I'd love see if you do make/buy a valentine wreath! sometimes I feel like the only person in England to use wreaths other than at Christmastime!

    You were correct. The mini loaf cases were from Sainsbury's, and yes, they ARE overpriced! Wish they were half the price.

    Not sure when this blustery weather will end, but it was certainly refreshing this morning, on the swings. Swinging high up in the air against the breeze!

    :o) x


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