Aujourd'hui a Paris....

Thanks so much for all your sweet words about poor gentle China. I'll pass them all onto Natalie, who'll be as touched as I was, I know.

This week is a wild one, weather-wise. Rain and heavy winds are battering the windows as I write and wrenching the last leaves from the trees...Alice has to be prised from her cosy place on the sofa for a's hard for me to go out too,so much nicer to be in the kitchen with the oven on and Radio 4 keeping me company. But I currently have Christmas cakes baking, and they take some time, so I really have no excuse - and I always feel so much better after a bracing walk across the hill, the wet gusts whipping my cheeks into a healthy glow! And it means that I earn the cup of hot Earl Grey I'll make when I return!

Paul is on a special trip today, that I thought you'd like to hear about...

We have 3 close friends: Dave, Steve & John - they all live within a few minutes of us (although in different directions) and we socialise with them and their partners regularly. Paul, especially, has been friends with them for many years and they all get on so well...
Each year they, plus a few other male friends, have a Boy's Christmas Lunch somewhere special - usually in London. I generally find them a restaurant that I think would suit their purpose...hearty, good food and, most importantly, a lengthy & well priced wine list!

This year, they've decided to buck the trend and forsake London for they'll be off in early December, on the Eurostar for the day. They're all very excited. So excited, in fact, that they've decided to have a 'trial run' today!! They all went into London early this morning and made their way to St Pancras Station, where they caught the train that will take them under the Channel and into France's beautiful capital. They'll be lunching at Le Timbre (The Postage Stamp) so-called because of it's small size! The chef is British - Chris Wright - and the restaurant looks gorgeous...Paul has promised to bring me back a menu!

I thought you'd like to see a photo they sent me from St Pancras an hour or so ago...

from the left: Paul, Steve, Dave & John. As you can see, they hit the Champagne Bar early!

I know they'll have a wonderful day and I can't wait to hear all about it! But for now, I have a reluctant little dog to winkle off her warm blanket and out into the au revoir  and a bientot! xoxo


  1. Rachel, I can see the wind & rain bashing your windows & the leaves falling off the trees. Can also picture you baking cakes and Alice stretched out cozily on the sofa. The way you describe things, makes me picture everything in my mind.
    Looks like Paul and his friends are in for a real treat today and again in December. Thanks for sharing with us! I think it's wonderful to be able to hop on a train in London, and shortly after, hop off & be in Paris! Ahhh, bliss! Hope the men have a wonderful lunch with good food & wine! And you, my sweet, hope you don't stay out for too long on your walk! Come home soon, you will be deserving of a nice cup of tea! Have a wonderful day!! xoxo

  2. You're my only stop today dear R and A. Brrrr, I can feel the cold and biting wind, but you're right, you'll be better after a turn around town.

    I am trying to get into the writing mode for my new book and also have lots of writing assignments, but the garden beckons and it is tough to stop and devote myself to my work.

    I can smell the scent of your baking Christmas cakes. I'll bet all your devoted followers were happy beyond happy to see you back at the Aylesbury market.

    Love, love,


  3. I love reading about your days at home baking, your walks with Alice, your weather. Actually, I love reading everything you write.

    What an adventure Paul and the boys are having today! So exciting to think about dashing off to Paris!

  4. St-Pancras is not always a practical station (M&S is soooooo narrow) but it is a beautiful one. And I love the cafés and boutiques there. And champagne before the trip? Interesting idea.

  5. Wow, what a brilliant idea, and so lovely to see a picure of them all. I am very jealous although to be honest I'd rather go with you! I have a Christmas cake to bake as well, am bracing myself too because they take so blooming long to cook! Love love love


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