Goodbye, Sweet Girl...

Just a little post today. It's pouring with rain here in London, and dark already too. Alice was clipped this morning and now looks very smart & tidy. Tanya, the lovely lady who grooms her, always attaches a cute little bow to her collar, just to finish off the look - today, it's ocean blue with a diamante flower in the centre. So cute. Alice always feels a little self-conscious when she''s just been clipped, probably because we cuddle & kiss her even more than usual as she looks so darling - she must wonder what's going on!

While I was waiting for her to be 'done', I received a very sad message. Some of my followers & friends might remember China, the deaf sharpei belonging to my friend Natalie, who we looked after while she was in Australia in January. The sweetest natured dog. Alice wasn't too pleased to share her home at first, but China bore the nagging with the utmost fortitude and they got along famously in the end.

As you have probably guessed, China died earlier today. She'd had a horrible start in life (her ears were sewn up as a puppy by her vile first 'owners') and she had a few health problems. She became very ill yesterday and deteriorated after a night at the vets. Natalie had to make the saddest decision - all that a good pet owner can do, in the end. Stop the pain, stop the suffering and release her to run free once more.

I'll always think of her with love. Gentle China. Rest in peace, sweetie.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We have LOTS to do ! Alice is looking at me...."feed me, feed me". I'd better go...xoxo


  1. Oh sweetie, so sorry to hear about China. I do remember her very well from earlier tweets and pics you had put up earlier this year. Your friend must be so devestated. It's so hard to lose a pet! Hope you will still enjoy your weekend after this sad news. BTW, Alice must be looking like such a sweetie. You must take a pic of her with her new do! xoxo

  2. What a beautiful dog... I'm so sorry ♥ I just lost my kitty of 10 years last month... my heart aches every day.

  3. Oh poor China! This is so sad!

  4. So sorry. Poor China. It's so devastating to lose a beloved member of the family xxx

  5. hi rachel, my heart sunk this morning when i read this. i sure do remember that sweet little dog. this just makes me cry...what a horrible start in life she had. i just can't imagine how people can be so cruel to an innocent animal. just this morning john and i were snuggling Teddy in bed with us wrapping him all cozy in a Christmas blanket,loving and kissing him...telling him how much we love him...and i was telling Teddy not all doggys are so lucky...there are alot of doggys that need good homes...China was so lucky to have found you later in her life. she finally knew love because of you.
    Losing them is such a heartbreak...i talk to Buddy everyday...his ashes are right here on my piano right along with the book you were so kind to send to me. my Buddy memorial. we are so Happy to have Teddy...he has filled our home with love and happiness once again...but we will never forget our precious little Buddy.

    Please know i am thinking about you...i know this pain all too well. rachel, i am sending love and hope for a peaceful heart.

    give sweet alice a hug from me and teddy

    with greatest sympathy,


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