A tale of two cities...

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you will probably already know that Salzburg is one of my favourite cities on earth...& even if you haven't, the name of the blog would probably give you a clue anyway! I have been going there for almost 24 years and recently paid my 29th visit to this jewel of a place...

We usually go when it's wintery and freezing...

no less beautiful for that, of course...and filled with excuses to duck into one of the many cafes & restaurants for hot coffee, schnapps & a slice of something delicious...

It is so very cold, though...

not many people about...

everything in shades of grey & white....everybody well wrapped against the bitter chill...

and really, it's nicest to be indoors...tucked in at a beautiful table overlooking the icy views...

So this last trip was as though we were in a different city in many ways!

30c, barely a cloud in the blue sky...everywhere GREEN & full of flowers and birdsong...

Too hot to be outside at midday! Glorious was the only word. A run along the banks of the Salzach river early on a summer's morning...hazy blue mountains in the distance and emerald hills all around...is one of the experiences I will carry with me always.
A friend's beautiful garden was transformed from a snowy handkerchief of land last time into...

a serene place of flowers, trees and velvet lawns..
This freezing view (taken at the water mill which powers Europe's oldest bakery)...

comes to life in the summery glow...

I love this city whatever the season or weather...but it was a wonderful change to bask in the heat of the early summer sun and see a different side to it.
Some things, however, never change....I'm delighted to say...

this silent spectre oversees every event that takes place in 'his' square throughout the year...

The shops that line the narrow, ancient cobbled streets always display their uniquely Austrian wares...

The white & gold baroque concert halls resonate year round with the sound of beautiful orchestras, voices, quartets & soloists...
And most of all, of course, people visit this perfect, romantic & glorious place primarily for one reason...

to see this tall, yellow building where Wolfgang Amadeus was born 257 years ago! Salzburg is the city of Mozart. He is why I first came here, and why I shall always return. I don't always go into the house on every visit now. But I do, without fail, look up at the windows and think of the tiny child who started his too short life here & who has touched so many lives the world over for so long.

In many ways, Salzburg was unappreciative of her most famous son during his lifetime. But I feel that she's more than made up for that mistake since!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend...here is a rose from my garden for you..



  1. Our honeymoon in Austria was in January 1987...the coldest winter on record for Europe & the UK...your wintry scenes take me back to our beloved Salzburg...nothing better than a bowl of Garlic Soup (xo) looking out at the snowflakes and the almost frozen river...we must return in a different season~it looks lovely..xoxo

  2. When I was eight years old and they advertised "The Sound of Music", I was in love, that is the only word for it, with what they showed me on the screen! (Filmed in Salzburg, if I am not mistaken.)
    I NEVER saw that movie until I was much older, but those scenes were so beautiful!
    So glad you got to see this in this glorious weather. Dear Rachel, I hope you are doing well!

  3. Hello Kay! Yes I'm doing really well, thanks so much for the comment. You are right, The Sound of Music was indeed filmed almost entirely in Salzburg. You can see some of the scenes in my photos...the tunnel of vines is in the gardens of he Mirabell Palace & is where much of the Doe a Deer song was filmed!

  4. I remember my visit to Salzburg, years ago. Gosh the pics send me back to memory lane big time.

  5. Looks like a wonderful place. Love that specter!

  6. Wonderful post, Rachel; thanks always for sharing. (Eager to learn more of what's on your calendar of events!)

    Love from Alabama (USA),

  7. Ahh, thank you for the beautiful rose! How lovely that you got to visit Salzburg in the summer season! It is quite a contrast from the cold and bitter winter! Either way, the city looks beautiful in winter or summer. Thanks for sharing your recent adventure with us. I know how much Salzburg means to you, Mozart's girl! Love and hugs!! xoxo

  8. Oh, I was so eager to hear about your adventure....how wonderful. I love the difference between the snowy scenes and the summery ones. I often am amazed at how a landscape can change with the seasons....I'm so happy you were able to make this visit again and enjoy it so much....

  9. gosh, it looks beautiful there. What a fabulous post. Thank you for sharing xx

  10. Beautiful Salzburg---thanks for taking me back to that glorious place. My husband and I visited Salzburg in October several years ago. It's quite lovely in the fall also. Hope you are enjoying your summer! xoxo ♥
    Martha Ellen

  11. Rachel! Brilliant Post. I loved every word of it ~ Thank you!! Is that a statue of an angel baby someone put a coat and hat on? xoxo

  12. Hello dear Rachel, I loved this. Maybe someday we will sip wine together in Salzburg?

    You'd better start planning your trip to California in October. Susie Bassetti and I are hosting a book party for Sue under the arbor and tent at Susie's ranch, vineyard, olive grove. You and Paul are must come guests. You would love it and it is the first book party Sue has ever had. About time, wouldn't you say so?

    We haven't yet chosen the weekend 'cause Susie's son is getting married in October AND the grapes must be harvested. Stay tuned though.

    Love, love,


  13. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. Also, of course, it's great to see any intersection of food and music on a blog like this.


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