Gorgeous June & why I live where I live...

Summer seems finally to be here...it felt like the longest winter ever, barely changing into spring before the rosebuds began to form, the air mellowed, the light softened and suddenly...unbelievably...it's June!

I don't think that it's done the garden much harm, being chilly and wet for so long...everything has emerged at the right time for once, and looks all the better for it...

I have been fighting a running battle with snails in the last few weeks. They adore our walled garden...hiding in the clematis, in the iris roots, under the sculptures...they wait for dark and then they emerge to MUNCH! However annoying this is, I cannot bring myself to kill a snail...something about their inquisitive little horns, their beautiful shells...the alive-ness of them. Plus I would never use slug or snail pellets which, apart from the horrible deaths, are bad for the birds & Alice also likes to drink from the saucers beneath the pots (even though the little madam refuses to drink from her real water bowl if the water isn't changed twice a day!!) Although I have had some success with putting crushed eggshells around the plants...also copper tape seems to work around some pots (but not others) ...really, the only way to vanquish them is to go out after dark with a flashlight and pick them off as they eat!
Then I send them on holiday to a far corner of the churchyard...which is wild and overgrown and full of delicious weeds & trees to climb! The first night I counted 84! But by last night this was down to 4... So it definitely works. And the plants, the snails and I are all happy!

Niles is wading in the day lilies now...

There will be a good crop of strawberries soon...

Hostas are the snails favourite snack...now they can flourish in peace!

I love these sweet violas...


My favourite flower in the world..my beloved bought some bulbs for me, so I can enjoy them outside as well as in. Anemones are so gorgeous...

These little columbines love partial shade, which makes them very useful...as well as beautiful...

Heucheras are divine...these dark ones and the paler versions too..

and herbs, herbs, herbs....a garden can never have enough in my opinion!
So that's a little of the garden right now. What about the other part of the title of this post? Why I live where I live? Well...

Does that answer the question??
Apologies for the late update to the blog...life is a whirl right now...all will be revealed soon, I promise! But until then, I hope you are having a wonderful start to the summer too..maybe sunbathing a little, like Alice...

and thanks so much for reading xo


  1. This is going to sound horrible (because it is!) but my father-in-law tosses slugs over the stone wall into his neighbors garden. At least he's not killing them...?? Anytime I hear anyone talk about slugs or snails I picture my 75 year old father-in-law with a joyful glint in his eye chucking slugs over the garden wall.

  2. Hello Rachel! Love seeing all your beautiful flowers! The weather HAS been kind to you in that regard! Gorgeous! We don't have snails here but we have slugs (I think they look like snails without the pretty shell!) They love our hostas, too! Alice looks very happy sunning herself in the warmth of June in England! I didn't even need to see your pics to know why you love living where you do! I would love it, too! Look forward to "all being revealed"...hmmm? xoxo...Karen P

  3. :O) and what a lovely summer it is so far. Sunny, warm, but oooh, that gorgeous breeze that keeps waving at me is making me happy. I get sunshiney days, but nothing too hot and horrible (it's the still, hot days that I loathe). So I am happy, and for the first time since I can remember, enjoying the start of summer!

    I like snails too. When I was small, I used to keep them in a large bucket, with moss, and grass, and stones and things. I've tried the eggshell (didn't work), can't bear the thought of them drowning happily in beer, so I just bung them over the back fence and on to the park behind us! I'd rather do that than hurt them.

    Thank you for you lovely tweets and comments. :O) I do love to prep for a party!


  4. What a lovely garden Rachel! So happy your weather is finally cooperating. We are now in the middle of a tropical rainstorm that is giving us the much needed rain. We will probably get slugs as they love the moist earth. Have a lovely summer and I am looking forward to your surprise. xoxo ♥
    Martha Ellen

  5. Great to see you are blogging again! You live in a beautiful place. I love snails in this country, I think they give charm to British gardens. I like slugs less, from some traumatic childhood memory (one just freaked me out when I was a child). I know of a way to end their life humanely: put a bowl full of beer in the garden. They drown in it, but they die happy. This is the beer drinker talking of course.

  6. All creatures great and small, Rachel takes care of all. That was a nice thing you did for those snails. I am sure they were leaving a trail so they could find their way back to such a beautiful yard. Your yard looks lovely and very inviting and Alice seems to be enjoying herself very much. Have a lovely weekend sweetie.

  7. Oh, I am so excited to hear your upcoming news! I know it will be splendid! A book, a movie? Whatever, I am so excited!

    When we had the pond, we had snails in there and they were glorious creatures! Helped to keep it clean! Your garden is so lush and wonderful....thank you for sharing it with us...
    Love you!


  8. Lovely flowers Rachel! Summer is indeed on it's way.

    So happy you are back to the blog : )

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  9. Ray it makes me die laughing thinking of you with your bucket o' slugs desperately trying to keep the savages at bay! The garden looks truly amazing, I aways think of you when I see anemones not anemones and the hostas remind me of dad of course. Don't think he was as kind to the snails (and dear slighted slugs) as you are....Love always xxxx

  10. What a cheerful post!Good luck with those egg shells, I'm trying egg shells out at the allotment this year!

  11. How I enjoyed the sneak-peek into your June garden. Everything looks lovely! My chives are looking similar to yours! About those snails, if you lived closer, my MIL would be happy to pick them out of your garden for you. My MIL actually forages for garden snails after rain storms. They are quite the delicacy in parts of Portugal. My MIL cooks them in a delicious sauce. After they're cooked, you pick them out with a toothpick. lol She's been making them for years. I never had the stomach to try them before, but I did a few weeks ago. They were pretty tasty (due to the yummy sauce they were cooked in). I'm sure they are not for everyone. lol I'm glad you're winning the battle against the snails! Happy Summer! xoxo


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